Why Everyone’s Wearing This Coat

three women wear frankie shop's moss green quilted jacket with black pants in their homes and on the street

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When Frankie Shop debuted its quilted Teddy jacket, a thin puffer coat with an oversize trapeze silhouette, the minimalist Paris-meets-NYC brand didn’t expect it to become a runaway hit. The makers of viral products rarely do.

After last year’s initial release, “We thought that perhaps we would move on from it,” Frankie Shop founder Gaelle Drevet tells Bazaar.com. Plenty of other outerwear styles have come and gone from Frankie Shop’s lineup since it opened in 2014, after all. Then the quilted Teddy jacket’s demand exceeded expectations…to put it modestly.

Following thousands word-of-mouth recommendations and several restocks, the $285 coat is gaining even more #OOTD credits this fall. It’s found in four neutral colorways in the brand’s online store, as well as at retailers like Net-a-Porter and Mytheresa. Fashion search engine Lyst reports that views of Frankie Shop quilted jackets have increased 129% from September to October. Searches for the Teddy jacket are up 91%, with most shoppers hunting for it in moss green.

Frankie Shop

Teddy Quilted Jacket

Frankie Shop
Frankie Shop


The jacket was most recently replenished on October 2. When I pitched a story about the coat’s rise to Bazaar.com’s deputy editor Izzy Grinspan on October 13, it had already sold out again. There’s good news for anyone who’s missed a restock so far: The green jacket is coming back on Saturday, October 16, the brand tells us.

You’d be forgiven for comparing Frankie Shop’s Teddy jacket to another Instagram-famous oversize coat. (We won’t name names here.) But a military green color way and baggy fit may be all they have in common.

The hype around Frankie Shop’s quilted jacket didn’t largely originate in a single New York City neighborhood, though it’s often seen in NYC. Some women, like U.K.-based digital creator and photographer Rachael Clifton, discovered the coat on Instagram; meanwhile, style influencer Jessica Skye stumbled upon hers while scrolling Net-a-Porter.

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Anna Aiello, a motion graphics designer here at Bazaar, tracked down the jacket through comments on a wardrobe styling TikTok. “I had been looking for a quilted army surplus liner jacket to complete my fall wardrobe, and I think this is the definition of ‘elevated basic,’” she says.

Other Internet-famous coats haven’t balanced structure and size like the Teddy jacket. With such a dramatic shape, it’s more of a statement piece than a last-minute layer for winter errands. (Though Drevet says she often sees it worn with leggings and loungewear.)

Every woman I spoke to name-checked the quilted jacket’s extra-large fit as their favorite feature. “I love an oversized look, and this jacket looks great thrown over a casual slim-fit denim,” says stylist Nicole Chavez.

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Leaning into oversized styles is only part of the Teddy’s rise, Drevet tells us. “But more importantly, this jacket manages to give you both a casual vibe, since it was originally a jacket liner, yet remains modern with a geometric silhouette that really stands out.”

Whether you’re shopping this weekend’s restock or sitting out of the jacket trend cycle, be prepared to keep seeing the Teddy jacket everywhere. “Quite a few of my friends have bought it and so many of my followers have messaged me about it too,” Clifton says about the reaction to her coat. “It’s definitely an in-demand piece.”

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