Waistdear Wholesale Waist Trainer & Shapewears Reviews In 2022

When we start to practice some physical activity, one of the first steps is to solve some doubts, in the practice and use of pieces manufactured specifically for your training, so that it provides the silhouette you want, and in a more balanced way respecting your biotype, That’s why one of the main doubts involves one of the market’s novelties: waist training.

Waist training became popular in the market in part due to the Kardashians socialites for being one of the main international celebrities who publicly use shapers or shaping belts to give more shape to the body and thin the waist. So, it became common to see celebrities using more and more shapewears, including to practice physical exercises.

The trainers for training appear on the market and their use has become popular, especially among women looking for a physical conditioning that leaves their body more curvy, since they attend … Read More

How the pandemic has changed workwear

How the pandemic is set to revolutionise the way we dress for work | The  Independent

Due to the Pandemic, many countries experienced heavy lockdown levels resulting in nearly everyone working from home. With this sudden change of events, many used the famous combination of professional on top and sweat pants on the bottom. However, as the lockdown levels decrease and ‘normality’ starts to kick in, many might need to update their workwear wardrobe. Therefore there are many helpful reviews on  Luminablog.co.uk that can aid you in choosing clothing stores that sell quality and professional attire. In addition, of course, there are companies such as Ultamodan, an online boutique store selling women’s fashion products in more than 20 categories. 

How the pandemic has revolutionised dress code

Due to everyone slowly starting to go back into the office, individuals must swap out their sweatpants for more work-appropriate attire. However, this does not mean that the workwear dress code is still the same. Many individuals opt to … Read More

‘Bridgerton’ Inspired Clothing To Celebrate the Season Two Premiere

You’d have to be living under a rock not to recognize the influence that Bridgerton has had on the fashion world. After the binge-worthy Regency-era series that highlights London high society went viral on Netflix in December 2020, runways were flooded with many fashion elements featured in the romantic period piece: demure empire-waist dresses, dramatic puffy sleeves, opulent headpieces, intricate embroidery, and even lace gloves and corsets were making a surprising comeback.

After a long-awaited return, Bridgerton is finally back with season two (it will premiere on Friday, March 25), which will focus on Julia Quinn’s second novel, The Viscount Who Loved Me. And while viewers are eagerly awaiting to see all the romantic events unfold on the beloved series, what also awaits them is another ostentatious collection of Regency-era fashion. Yes, there are the admirers of the show’s incredible storytelling, but there are those who tune in to

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Hip retro fashions found at Calistoga’s Mad Mod Shop | News

Shopkeeper and designer Andrea DeTrinidad-Hoogendoorn — aka the mad dressmaker — is crazy for retro-inspired garments and accessories. Since 2018, she’s owned and operated the Mad Mod Shop in downtown Calistoga, offering locals and tourists an opportunity to access stylish, hand-made items not available in department stores or online retailers.

“We provide an alternative to what’s typically out there,” DeTrinidad-Hoogendoorn said. “I’ve designed and hand-sewn many of these items myself or have searched to find unique designers, either locally or from around the world.”

Finding inspiration

Growing up, DeTrinidad-Hoogendoorn lived with her mother, a ranger at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in Sonoma County, and spent every other weekend with her father, a crane operator and volunteer firefighter in San Francisco.

“I spent a lot of time in the redwoods pretending to be a fairy,” she said, “but I also spent a lot of time in the city,

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