A York County woman is using African fabrics to create face masks and clothing to foster togetherness in the community. 

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Victoria Kageni-Woodard runs Gusa by Victoria. Gusa is also known as touch — Touch by Victoria —  is a commercial space located in York City. The fashion line is driven by trends in women’s fashion.

As a native of Kenya, Kageni-Woodard says she created the fashion line to celebrate her heritage. 

“We need things that will bring us together,” said Kageni-Woodard .”If there is a subtle way or a friendly space that we can nurture topics like that then what better way then clothing.”

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Though Touch by Victoria has put a temporary pause on creating masks, Kageni-Woodard can transform a typical shirt into an embellishment of African print.

The boutique is also now offering sewing lessons for kids to create their own shirt. 

You can check out Gusa by Victoria,  here

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