Can You Solve The Mystery Of The Wedding Dress Mix-Up?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Fourteen years after she wore it down the aisle, a woman in the north metro is trying to find the dress she wore on her wedding day.

WCCO dug into the mystery that Wendie Taylor is hoping social media will help solve. And like any good mystery, this one starts with the TV series “Gilmore Girls.”

“Just that good mother-daughter, you know, feel-good whatever kind of comedy to take away from the chaos that’s going on,” Taylor said.

On Saturday, Taylor and her 12-year-old daughter watched the show’s wedding episode.

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Wendie Taylor on her wedding day in 2006 (credit: Wendie Taylor)

“After the episode, McKayla and I were talking and said, ‘You’ve never actually seen my dress.’ And she said, ‘No, I haven’t I’ve just seen pictures,’” Taylor said.

She went to retrieve the gown she had paid to preserve 14 years earlier.

“We open the box and … she saw the look of horror for lack of [laughs], because it wasn’t my dress,” Taylor said. “It’s a beautiful dress. It’s not my dress.”

After she was married in 2006, Taylor went to work for Evans Garment Restoration, a service that cleans clothing and other soft goods after fire or water damage. She thought it was the perfect place to have her dress properly packaged. But with new owners and new software since, Evans has so far struck out.

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Wendie Taylor and the wrong dress (credit: CBS)

“My dress, it was strapless, it was two-tone, it had beadwork on it. Somebody else has the wrong dress, too,” she said.

Taylor’s Facebook post has been shared hundreds of times this week, asking anyone else from that same year to pry open their own and take a peak.

She’s hoping her “something borrowed” will be just that, in time to mark 15 years of marriage.

The dress Taylor has in her possession is a size 10 and from David’s Bridal.

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