How the pandemic has changed workwear

How the pandemic is set to revolutionise the way we dress for work | The  Independent

Due to the Pandemic, many countries experienced heavy lockdown levels resulting in nearly everyone working from home. With this sudden change of events, many used the famous combination of professional on top and sweat pants on the bottom. However, as the lockdown levels decrease and ‘normality’ starts to kick in, many might need to update their workwear wardrobe. Therefore there are many helpful reviews on that can aid you in choosing clothing stores that sell quality and professional attire. In addition, of course, there are companies such as Ultamodan, an online boutique store selling women’s fashion products in more than 20 categories. 

How the pandemic has revolutionised dress code

Due to everyone slowly starting to go back into the office, individuals must swap out their sweatpants for more work-appropriate attire. However, this does not mean that the workwear dress code is still the same. Many individuals opt to wear more comfortable clothes to work and footwear, for example, swapping out heels for sneakers or even sandals. In addition, many companies have seen that their employees may be more proactive at home, and therefore they are not required to come into the office five days a week which in turn relaxes the dress code even further. 

How the pandemic has changed fashion

The COVID 19 Pandemic resulted in many retail stores closing their doors, both temporarily and permanently, but the Pandemic has also influenced different fashion trends. For example, many were swapping out their work attire for comfy and loungy attire. Therefore more clothing like loungewear became available. Additionally, with the Pandemic easing down, many individuals are starting to come out wearing extravagant colours and clothing to make up for the months when they could not freely express themselves. 

The benefits to having a workplace dress code 

Many individuals going back to the office might feel agitated that they can no longer wear their oversized t-shirts and sweat pants. Hopefully, this will help encourage and explain why having a dress code contributes to a productive work environment. Firstly, dressing formally makes one appear more sophisticated and professional. It also helps companies ensure their employees match their company aesthetic or image. Additionally, it promotes a companies brand when employees are dressing in uniform. Lastly, studies have shown that when one dresses professionally, it impacts them positively and improves their productivity. 

How a dress code impacts the work environment 

Dressing comfortably for work has been around before COVID 19 struck. With the likes of Mark Zuckerberg notoriously wearing his blue jeans and t-shirts and Jack Dorsey for wearing his hoodies. However, dressing comfortably or relaxingly has improved employee morale, better relationships, and lessened workplace bias. On the other hand, it might also contribute to appearing less professional to customers, might lead to offending someone or dressing inappropriately, and might also result in employees becoming less productive. Therefore it is imperative to weigh each option. 

While it might have been fun and freeing to dress in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt each day, many people are starting to face reality by having to wear their professional clothing once again. However, that does not mean that the clothes have to be uncomfortable as many fashion trends encourage comfort-wear in the professional sectors. While there is nothing wrong with this, there are a few areas to be aware of when allowing employees to dress comfortably. For example, it could make one’s employees appear unprofessional and chase away potential customers.