Top 8 Debasree Banerjee Fashion Looks You Should Add To Your Styling!

Give Your Closet A Spunky Makeover With 10 Of Debasree Banerjee's Looks •  The Good Look Book

Debasree Banerjee, a famous beauty influencer on Youtube and Instagram, is enthusiastic about Entertainment, Fashion, And Lifestyle. 

She is indeed a Social Media Star. She decided to follow her passion instead of doing a nine-to-five job. The reason people have been following her is due to her incredible fashion sense and drool-worthy styling ideas. 

You can never get enough of the fashion mantras that Debashre can teach you every day. 

Let’s have a look at the top eight Debasree Banerjee fashion looks that you don’t want to miss out on:

1) The Summer Whites Look

Whites dresses are always classy, says Debasree Banerjee. Styling MANGO Solid Sheath Dress with Jewels Galaxy Women Gold-Plated Necklace, Debashree slays this summer look, and so can you. Playing with the accessories while keeping the outfit minimal and sophisticated is a signature styling idea of Debashree. You can spot her in such a stunning minimalistic look that you just want to replicate. My wardrobe is filled with whites after I saw this beauty carrying it off with grace.

2) The Iconic Look

A white t-shirt with blue jeans is the perfect basic outfit! Debasree Banerjee says whenever in doubt, this pick is sure to be your saviour. She styles this look with a MANGO Women Solid V-Neck t-shirt, Roadstar Women Slim Fit Jeans, Royal sun, Unisex Round Sunglasses, Highlander Men Sneakers. You can easily make this your go-to style any day, every day. All you need is a pair of good denim and cute tees that you can swear by. Voila! You will get a Debashre Banerjee-inspired look right there.

3) Urban Outfit

Debasree Banerjee had been looking to update her wardrobe. She wanted to find something in vogue and suited her style. Hence she came up with this vogue worth yet basic look. Pair the Rigo Solid Fitted Top with MANGO Skinny Fit Sustainable Jeans. Urban ethnic is also a great styling idea that you can follow. For instance, get your favourite denim and long slit kurta that you can pair with boho jewellery. Picture it in your mind and see how bold you can look in the attire.

4) Festive Fusion

Debasree Banerjee unconventionally reinvents the traditional saree. Styling the outfit with Tikhi Imli Embellished Saree with Here and Now, Women Skinny Fit Jeans to get ready for this festive season. Other similar outfits you can go for are Soch Solid Saree, Sugathari Solid Saree, etc.

5) Cozy Winter Wear

According to Debasree Banerjee, sweaters can be classy, especially the off-white one paired with a red skirt. You might have spotted this fashion goddess in many classy sweaters paired with skirts, culottes, and even pants. Her winter fashion game has undoubtedly inspired many. You can mix and match with winter wear, like pull off a turtleneck sweater with culottes to make a bold style statement.

6)The Go-To Gym Wear

Even though going to the gym is not a fashion show, it’s essential to look good. Additionally, when you look good, you feel good, And Debasree styles herself with HRX by Hrithik Roshan Women Solid Tights, HRX by Hrithik Roshan Training Rapid Dry Sports Bra. Sportswear is something that you must have in your wardrobe. It is essential to have a good pair of padded sports bra and running tights to get that stunning gym look.

7) Street Style Look

Debasree creates a simple yet bold look with FOREVER 21 Women Solid Bodycon Dress and MANGO Women Solid Sneakers. Street style is all about keeping your ideas free and voguish. Keep things casual like pairing denim, kurti and sneakers. You can also try your regular pants with a tee and bomber jacket for an uber-cool look.

8) All-Time Favourite Black Dress

According to Debasree Banerjee, black will never make you look bad. Black will only make you look ten times more glam than you already are. She creates this look with MANGO Women Self Design Bodycon and Teakwood Leathers Women Solid Leather Jacket. There are endless options to style black outfits. For instance, you must have a long black dress in your wardrobe to slay those cocktail parties. And not to forget a good collection of black tees for casual day-outs with friends.