This Feature Makes Amazon Alexa Your Best Shopping Companion


Technology helps us while we’re doing several mundane tasks, and shopping is one of them. You can use Amazon Alexa as a shopping list, and the company just added a feature to make the voice assistant your best shopping companion. Alexa can now show you the best cashback deals to help you save money.

Google is working on a new feature that will show you the best credit card rewards while you’re shopping. This is along with trying to create a full-fledged digital wallet. It shows that tech companies are looking for ways to make the shopping experience better.

Alexa will show you cashback deals at different stores

If you use Amazon’s Alexa, you should know that the Alexa app is the central hub for the assistant. You can use it to change settings and access features to get the most out of the service. The company wants you to use the app while getting ready to go shopping.

According to TechCrunch, the e-commerce supergiant quietly released an update to the Alexa app that will show you some of the best cashback deals happening at different stores. This feature will, more specifically, be available through the Alexa shopping list feature. This will show people rebates and offers that will actually save the user money.

How this feature works

The Alexa app will show you cashback deals from different stores across the country. When you go into the shopping list section, you’ll be able to see which deals are available. When you find a deal you want to capitalize on, go to that store and shop; make sure you keep the receipt.

After you finish shopping, use the Alexa app to scan both the barcodes of your purchased products and the receipt. After that, you’ll get a certain amount of money added to an Amazon gift card. You’ll be able to use that gift card to buy products on Amazon.

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But, just know this…

If you choose to use these cashback deals, just know that Amazon will collect the data that you send via the scans. When you sign up to get the cashback deals, you’ll be agreeing to some terms of service. If you don’t like the company taking that data, then you’re not going to want to use these cashback deals.


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