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TextI hear so much from people who say that perfume doesn’t work for them. They’re not against it, but there’s nothing that speaks to them at their regular shopping outlets – either it all smells the same (the truth is a lot of it does), or it gives them a headache (my mom complains of this too!). Sometimes it’s arranged in such a gendered, binary way that even shopping for a perfume is a turn off. Sometimes, it’s that the sales associates just point you towards the best-sellers no matter what you’re looking for.

If that sounds like something you’ve encountered, this year (and always), try turning to something different. These are three “artisinal” perfumes in my collection – artisinal just means that they’re made by hand, usually by the perfumer who conceived them.

There are tons of options out there, but I’ve got Buen Camino by Chronotope Perfume, Gardener’s Glove from St. Clair Scents, and Colorado by DSH Perfumes.

I’m not going to lie, these options are pricy, especially ordering to Canada because you get charged duty on top of the exchange rate, but these are so unique and interesting scents that there’s no replacement for them. If nothing else, spring for a sample set so you can see what’s out there, what beautiful art is being made.

Do you have a favourite perfume nobody’s heard of?

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