NBA Star Reveals Kanye West’s Influence on Basketball


LA Clippers guard Terance Mann is just one of the NBA’s most regular players on LeagueFits, and according to the growing star, Kanye West has a major impact on design all over the league. In an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports activities, Mann unveiled what Kanye’s impact appears like across the NBA.

“I would say unquestionably. Specifically for the era coming up, which is sort of my era specifically following that documentary dropped,” Mann said when requested if Kanye’s impact can be felt close to the league. “I assume that the documentary really changed a great deal of people’s way of thinking.” 

On what that way of thinking appears like, Mann explained, “If the next male can do it, I can do it too… So I feel just that state of mind is practically like a Kobe mentality form of mindset that Kanye

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It’s a Barbie world, and this summer’s fashion scene is living in it.


Summer fashion’s unexpected muse? Well, that would be Barbie, and her knock-your-eyes-out colorful wardrobe (particularly, that brilliant shade of Barbie pink).

The catalyst for the trend, according to many, was the announcement of the Great Gerwig film “Barbie,” due out July 2023, starring Margot Robbie as the real-life doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken. However, despite the long lead for the film’s debut, photos from the set have captured the imagination and interest of the style world.

Now, the whole vibe, universally dubbed “Barbiecore,” seems to have inspired a league of luminaries such as Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Lizzo and Arianna Grande, along with many others, who have turned Barbie pink into a red carpet staple. Designers too, have caught Barbie fever, most prominently Pierpaolo Piccioli, whose Valentino Fall 2022 runway included 48 looks in the smoldering pink hue. And it has transfixed the general public too, as evidenced

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The fashion trend that “Top Gun: Maverick” has brought back



“Top Gun: Maverick” is the biggest movie of the year, with box office grossings over $1 billion. However, Tom Cruise’s latest hit has also had its influence in the fashion world. Check out the trend that the movie started.

Miles Teller, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm
© Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Paramount PicturesMiles Teller, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm

In 1986, Top Gun became a cultural phenomenon almost instantly. Despite getting mixed reviews during its original run, audiences loved the film, which grossed 357.3 million USD, and Tom Cruise cemented his status as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. 

The movie also helped “Take My Breath Away,” performed by Berlin, to become the number one song in the United States, spending five nonconsecutive weeks, and in four other countries such as Canada, Belgium and the UK. 


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Teeping Tradition: Fashion’s Unlikely Relationship With Martial Arts


With martial arts back in the limelight, companies are now taking signatures from some of the more popular sports within the sphere. Boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai specifically are now becoming new vessels of inspiration for streetwear and high fashion brands, arguably much to the dismay of each sport’s purists.

There’s a certain amount of gatekeeping that happens both in martial arts and fashion alike, and as these new trends emerge and evolve, we’re willing to bet that they might upset some of the traditionalists who belong to each sport. For instance, in this Reddit exchange, one user asks, “is wearing Muay Thai shorts for fashion considered cultural appropriation?” while the top commenter retorts “If I catch anyone wearing Muay Thai shorts for fashion, they better know how to check a leg kick.”

Muay Thai specifically has seen arguably the most attention out of the bunch. For

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