Shop The Trend: Puffy And Jewel Headbands To Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

In the world of fashion, some trends never go away, some take 30 years to come back, and others come and go every two years like senate reelections. The puffy headband is in that last camp. She was popular a few years ago, and somehow, as the days turned into months, she is back this winter, bigger and brighter than ever before.

Whether it’s beaded, braided or all over bedazzled, the statement headband is a show-stopper and lifesaver all in one. When you’re running out the door to a last-minute dinner or forgot you had a Zoom meeting and just got out of the shower, throwing on an eye-catching statement headband makes you look like you’re capital-T “Trying.” Nothing says, “I’m intentional with my time” like a velvety puffy adult crown with fake pearls on it.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going big with the bands. Diamonds, flowers, jewels, luxe fabrics — the more the better. We’re going for Catherine the Great realness. The theme is opulent, ornate and totally visually popping. Of course, we’re also going for smart shopping, and we want something that can be comfortably worn for while, something that won’t pinch our head or dig in behind our ears. And ideally, we want something that can be worn with a lot of different outfits and in different settings.

If you’re looking to top off your perfect New Year’s Eve outfit or just want a puffy band to rock all winter, we’ve rounded up some show-stopping statement headbands that will instantly elevate your look. Note: If you’re planning to band it up for New Year’s Eve, check the shipping times to make sure your headband will be there in time.

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