B.C. Lions lock up tackle Joel Figueroa with extension

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But the mental maintenance was as tough as the physical.

“That’s a job in itself, especially for the young guys,” said Figueroa. “I hate to sound like ‘that vet guy,’ but they’re used to that instant gratification. It’s like stopping a race horse from running; it’s difficult to try to pull a guy out of the sport that they love and shut it down for the whole season. Your body’s ready to go, but your mind is like, ‘We’re not going anywhere.’ And it’s difficult for some people.

“Families sacrifice a lot in this sport, we give it our all and when it’s taken away, there’s like a heavy blow to people’s mentals. Staying together, bonding together, working out, going out to eat just before the pandemic, it really held us together.”

In 2019, the offensive line was supposed to be the team’s spine, but their scoliotic

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