Retail predictions, customer loyalty, and holiday merchandising

Retail predictions, customer loyalty, and holiday merchandising

Christmas commercials

Relaxed Christmas. Oh, the Christmas holiday! A few days off that are filled with overbuying, cooking, and time spent with friends and relatives. Sometimes, these activities can drive you nuts. Well, Lidl’s commercial depicts the “Cool Uncle” that has everything under control during the holiday season. Check out this “easy” commercial

Carrot Alone. Each family is different and has a special routine during the holiday season. Well, in Aldi’s commercial, this family of carrots seems to copy the routine from “Home Alone”. The funny ad shows one of the carrots, named Kevin, remaining home while its family travels to Paris. Yes, it’s as cute and funny as you imagine. 

Come together. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also a moment when we miss those who are no longer with us. In this commercial from the Dutch supermarket Plus, you will see a teenager’s grief. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Prepare the wipes before watching the commercial. 

Technology elevating retail 

A helpful suit. This month is the busiest for the retail industry. People are prepared to make various purchases and retail workers need to be ready to provide the best products and services. To land a helping hand, Currys invests in robotic suits to prevent warehouse injuries during the festive peak. More than £250,000 were spent on a suite of robotic exoskeleton suits to help prevent muscle injuries for warehouse staff handling heavy loads. 

Saving up. Since everybody is trying to save up a few bucks, Instacart wanted to support brands that are ready to create promotions for their products. Instacart launched a new suite of advertising solutions, Instacart Promotions. This suite allows brand partners to independently launch new deal structures, incentives, and promotions with the company’s Instacart Ad campaigns. 

Retail predictions 2023: Expert edition

What to expect in 2023. How is the retail industry going to be in 2023? In Retail Wire’s discussion, retail experts discussed how customer behavior is going to change in the new year. Here’s what Neil Saunders shared on the topic: 

retail predictions Neil Saunders


Retail prediction 2023. We don’t want to brag, but we’ve put together an insightful expert round-up where 3 top retail influencers discuss what’s in store for retail in 2023. Here’s one of Jeff Sward’s pieces of advice for retailers in 2023:

retail predictions 2023

You can read the entire expert round-up here

Customer loyalty and merchandising 

Gen Z’s loyalty. What do Gen Z shoppers love? Individuality. Of course, this can have an impact on brand loyalty. The new generation didn’t kill brand loyalty, but it definitely changed it. 60% of Gen Z agree that the brands they shop with are an expression of who they are and 77% don’t want to feel like they’re put in a box, according to 2020 survey data from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. 

Holiday merchandising. Tis the season to drive up sales! While merchandising has been used to offer a jolly experience to shoppers, its main purpose is to drive up sales. However, everything needs to be planned and executed properly. Unfortunately, 2/3 of retailers lose at least 10% of annual sales due to ineffective promotion or product display execution.

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