Latest Jeans Trends from RTW Collection for Spring Summer 2021

We’ve covered all the latest jeans trends from the Spring Summer 2021 collections. Boot cut, double fabric, knee-length capris and many more, check them out!


Hey gorgeous, a pair of jeans is one garment that never goes out of style. Season after season, denim always finds a spot in the designer collections. Be it winter, summer, or spring, jeans are fit for all seasons. Whether you wanna wear them with an overcoat or team them with a tank top, jeans always work out the best!

We absolutely love going through the latest designer collections. While we were browsing the ready to wear Spring Summer 2021 denim collections of the top designers like Gucci, Moschino, Dolce, Balenciaga, etc. we spotted some cool jeans trends. We analyzed the most prominent trends and ranked them on the basis of their popularity, importance and freshness. Lastly, we compiled them along with the snips of a few top trends in this article. Why wait? Check out the latest jeans trends for yourself before you update your wardrobe this summer.

Latest Jeans Trends for Spring 2021

1. Double Fabric


L to R: DolceGabbana, Alexander McQueen, Burberry

Splash of fabrics tops the chart for our latest jeans trends this season. You pick some fabric of a particular type, some of another, and viola! That’s double fabric for you. We are seeing different fabrics fused together to enhance the style quotient. Sewing variety of fabrics in horizontal or vertical patterns is the new cool. We saw denims fused with leather, shimmers, and even a darker shades of denim. We saw both half and half, and patchwork styles, which will definitely stand out in the crowd. You can pair it with a plain sweater or grab your leather jacket, overcoat, or balloon tops. Team these jeans with solid colored tops to keep the look minimal yet cool. It’s an awesome pick for those parties where you wanna dress up but not overdo it.

2. Boot Cut


L to R: Balmain, Balenciaga, Gucci

Boot cut is one of the latest jeans trends for 2021, I’m loving this one! These jeans are fitted from the waist till the knee, they flare towards the bottom. Boot cut jeans are long enough to cover the feet including your foot wear! We spotted washed out denims, light shades like white and sky blue, whereas black, and blue formed the dark shades. All the top brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain, have boot cut jeans in their spring wear collections. They give you a chic look, plus it’s the latest trend. You can pair them with cotton shirts to get a casual office going look. Or put on a tee when heading out to grab a coffee.

3. Boyfriend


L to R: Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Gucci

Another older trend that’s back in 2021. Boyfriend jeans are inspired by the men’s jeans, which have straight cut and relaxed fit. These jeans have made it to the collections of some top designers. They offer a high comfort ratio as they don’t stick close to your skin and you don’t have to worry about the tight waist either. Boyfriend jeans look good with crop tees, loose shirts, or drop shoulder tops. They’re best for lounging around in the comfort of your home or your regular visits to the cafe. In case you wanna raise the style statement, pair the jeans with embellished coats. Oh! And don’t forget to grab a chic belt, which will not only balance loose silhouette but look flamboyant too.

4. Fit and Flare


L to R: Balmain and Balenciaga, Moschino

Fit and flare jeans are fitted at the waist and but slightly flare out at the bottom. We saw some fit and flare among the denim trends of 2018. Even this season, we’re spotting some really long flares. A few different styles of fit and flare jeans made it to the spring wear collection of the world’s top brands. They came in different shades of blue and black with well-stitched hems. I love the washed out denim by Moschino with broad white hems. This versatile pair of jeans is suitable for casual days out or evening meetups. Pair these jeans with overcoats, sweaters, or tops.

5. Knee-Length Capri


L t
o R: Balmain, Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana

As the name suggests, knee-length capris are fitted denims that go down to your knee. We are witnessing an array of knee-length capris this season. A few prominent styles that we noticed were ripped hems, the use of various fabrics like floral prints, and different shades of denim. Though what I loved the best is the illusion created by switching the back pockets in the front. Give a break to your shorts and try these trending knee-length capris for going to the malls, morning walks or the college.

6. Statement Jeans


L & R: Dolce and Gabbana; Center: Burberry

Statement jeans are my favorite trend in the ready to wear spring 2021 denim collections. Those jeans which stand apart setting a new bar are known as statement jeans. We noticed high waist jeans with peculiar patterns and light and dark denim shades sandwiched together, ripped uneven hems. Another style sported washed out denim for one side while filled with quirky patterns on the other side. Also, the use of geometrical threadwork patterns and the use of chains were evident. As the trend suggests it will help you set a style statement. Pair these jeans with tops or shirts. Save these jeans for some rare occasions, like going to an art exhibition or a visit to the museum!

7. Frayed Shorts


L to R: Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci

Frayed short is one such trend that never goes out of style. This season, ditch short shorts in favor of mid-thigh, old-school 80s style shorts. As a matter of fact, we’ve been seeing frayed shorts for a long time and are likely to see more of them in the coming seasons. Worn out, frayed shorts have a wide consumer base as this is one of the best casual wear, especially for summers. Frayed shorts are comfortable and can be worn for regular use. Team them up with a sequence top for the late evening parties or pick a bright-colored tee before stepping out in broad daylight. In addition to this, wear your sneakers or high boots depending on the weather to complete the look.

8. Mom Jeans


L & R: Dolce and Gabbana; Center: Balenciaga

Mom jeans have relaxed fit and high waist, often with a loose tummy area. This season we saw mom jeans with an interesting twist in the patterns, frayed hems, and cuffed bottoms. My personal favorite is the one by D&G which presents a compilation of different shades of denim arranged in block pattern. Regular mom jeans can be paired with shirts and tops. You can wear them to shopping malls or when leaving for work. Whereas, frayed jeans and distinct patterns are a nice alternative for parties. Wear them with a fancy top, or a printed shirt, pick large earrings, a long chain, take a sling bag or clutch for a party look.

9. Embellished


L to R: Coach, Dolce Gabbana

Embellished jeans offer a nice break from plain jeans. Some of the common embellishments included studded stones, detailed thread work, patchwork, multi-colored blocks, enhancing the features of the washed-out denim. The collections contained jeans with light embellishments like stones and threadwork while some had an exaggerated finish of multi-colored patterns and patches. They are comfortable to wear and at the same time they are trendy enough sport an intense look. These are beautiful silhouettes that can be worn with printed shirts, casual tees, etc. Slightly embellished jeans are a good pick for your dates or house parties.

We loved these latest jeans trends we saw in Spring Summer 2021 RTW  denim collections. We have noticed unwashed jeans, high waisted and frayed denims in the previous seasons but this season the styles were presented in a varied manner and we don’t have complains!

Some of the top jeans trends were already spotted earlier but this time we saw a freshened up look with all the prints, graphics and fusion. Their dominance over other trends is pretty evident. The designers have played with different denim shades and added other elements, threadwork, stones, beads, and variety of fabrics.

I’d love to try these on super soon. Let us know which your favorite trend is by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja. That’s a wrap from our end on the latest jeans trends for 2021. Do tag @shilpaahujadotcom when you post your pictures in these trending jeans.