What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

Sometimes there is just nothing that makes you feel better than a really great LBD. They aren’t always easy to find too. For the office holiday party no less, you want to make sure you look polished and sophisticated. That’s why this stunning Kimberly Gal Meets Glam Collection little black dress is the answer! Sadly it’s an old favorite, but I’ve got lots of great ideas for you today. If you have an office holiday party to attend this season, this post is for you!

What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

I loved going to holiday work parties back in my 9-5 days. It was always nice to see everyone dressed up after hours for a good time. My previous job’s office style was super casual so it was really the one time we saw everyone all dolled up. I always relied on a classic little black dress or jumpsuit when I went. It’s a safe bet, can last you years, and is always flattering. But you can totally switch things up and you don’t HAVE to wear black.

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When dressing for your office holiday parties this season you still want to look professional and put together. This is no time to wear a sexy little number that begs to be worn at a Vegas club. You still want to be tasteful and keep your office dress code in mind. If you’re a super casual office, you can probably get away with something not super fancy. But if you work in a very conservative office with a strict dress code, be sure to throw on a classic dress or outfit that always looks great and is appropriate. Or if you work in a fashion forward environment, you can totally have more fun here and go a little bold or sexy. Just always keep in mind your companies dress code and vibe when planning your holiday party outfit.

A little tip!

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe for the office holiday party. One of my favorite tips is to just head into your closet and spruce something up that you already have. You don’t need a full head-to-toe new outfit. You can grab a new piece like a sequined top, festive blazer, or a statement earring and clutch to transform a look easily and on a budget. Here are a few things I like to choose from when thinking of what to wear to an office holiday party.


Something that’s super fun about finding a holiday party outfit is getting to try fabrics and embellishments you don’t normally wear. Insert sequins! Sequins are a luxe way to get dressed up for a party. You can pair a sequin top with a black pencil skirt or trouser for a really no fuss outfit. I love a sequined tank under a sleek blazer like a silky or velvet one. It’s such a simple way to dress up your outfit without having to go ALL out too. Sequins can really take a regular outfit to a whole new level. For a more glamorous evening, add more sequins like a full sequined dress or a pant suit. If you just need a little zhush, try just a small piece in sequins whether it’s a tank, blazer or just a bag and let the rest of the outfit be more classic. The bit of sparkle will amp up any outfit.

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Fabric is also key when it comes to festive looks for the holiday season. Velvet is the perfect fabric for holiday parties as it feels luxe and special. I love a little party dress in a velvet fabric. It feels so fun and special and luxurious too. The same rules apply here as it does with the sequins. You can totally dress up your classic black suit with a velvet top. Or swap your blazer for a velvet one for that added luxurious layer. And something I’m super into for the holiday season, are velvet pants. They’re chic, they’re comfortable (hello, they’re like sweatpants!) and give you that instant holiday feel. PS check out this pretty velvet wrap dress.

What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

Festive Blazers

Forget putting on your go-to black blazer for a holiday party. I’m sure the office has already seen you in it a million times. Instead, just add a fun festive blazer to your favorite trouser or dress for an instant update. No one will know that it’s the dress you wore during that meeting last week. With a swipe of red lipstick and a pretty clutch, it’ll look and feel brand new. One of my favorite easy pieces in my closet for the holidays is this black jacquard blazer. Pair it with a velvet camisole and black jeans for the ideal business casual holiday look. For a dressier combination, pair it with some nice silky pants. Choose from lace printed blazers, velvet or sequined, or even a pretty tweed blazer with fun buttons. So many great options! You can then always dress this down in your day to day with some jeans for dinner or drinks on the weekend.

Holiday Colors

When in doubt, just add holiday hues! It’s an EASY way to feel festive. Grab a red dress or a red pump to make it feel really festive and pop. And lastly, you can always add a tartan clutch, or bright red earring to really feel festive for your next office holiday party. There’s no need to have to buy a completely new outfit for a holiday office party. Just choose the right colors, fabrics and accessories from what you already have to pull together a festive look.

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