A supermarket carpark dust-up is alleged to have led to a man being fatally stabbed on a Queensland highway, with one of the wounds so deep it “penetrated his heart”, a jury has been told.

Alex Robert Smart is facing a single count of murder following the horrifying incident on Father’s Day in 2019.

On the first day of his trial on Tuesday, Mr Smart pleaded not guilty to murdering Tylor Bell.

Brisbane Supreme Court was told Mr Bell was waiting for his father to get groceries at a shopping centre in Gympie, north of Brisbane, before his death on September 1, 2019.

Camera IconAlex Robert Smart has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Tylor Bell on Father’s Day 2019. Credit: News Regional Media, Facebook

During her opening address, Crown prosecutor Dejana Kovac told the jury a “quick exchange” took place with Mr Smart as the younger Mr Bell, 26, drove out about 2.25pm that day.

Ms Kovac said the men exchanged more words before a scuffle broke out between Mr Bell’s father and Mr Smart.

She said Mr Smart “continued to challenge” Tylor Bell after the fight was interrupted and they drove off.

The jury was told that Mr Smart got into another car with two other people at the shopping centre and they followed the Bells until everyone stopped at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Monkland St.

Tylor Bell died from stab wounds a week after the alleged horror incident unfolded on September 1, 2019.
Camera IconTylor Bell died from stab wounds a week after the alleged horror incident unfolded on September 1, 2019. Credit: News Regional Media

Ms Kovac said witnesses would give evidence they heard “yelling” from the car Mr Smart was travelling in, but they could not understand what was being said because the windows were up.

She told the jury Mr Smart left the car, armed with a knife, and fatally stabbed Tylor Bell twice.

Ms Kovac said that one of the wounds was so deep the blade “penetrated his heart”.

“Tylor Bell was seriously injured, there was no time for him and his father to swap seats,” she said.

Despite being flown to a hospital in Brisbane, Tylor Bell died from his injuries a week later.

“The Crown case is that you would be satisfied on all the evidence the defendant at least intended to cause some grievous bodily harm to Mr Tylor Bell,” Ms Kovac told the jury.

“We can look at the evidence … we can look at the nature of the wounds, the extent of the injuries (Smart) caused, the knife he used and so on to infer what his intent was at the relevant time.”

Mr Smart’s barrister, Jakub Lodziak said the jury needed to consider the “why” question.

“Was it because Alex Smart actually intended to kill the deceased or at least cause him some grievous bodily harm, was it because Alex Smart was acting under a set of circumstances that meant what he did was not unlawful,” Mr Lodziak told the jury.

“For Mr Smart at the end of this trial, I will be asking when you look especially at that question of ‘why’, that you find it does not lead to a finding beyond reasonable doubt of murder.”

The trial is expected to run for seven days.

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