The World Historical Rains Regenjas

The World Historical Rains Regenjas

Along with the fall of leaves, this season also brings an abundance of rain. Let us show you the different types of raincoats so that you can choose your own.

Rain has a way of instantly putting people in a bad mood. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s gray… let’s face it, rain is depressing. When water is literally falling on you from the sky, it’s really hard to maintain a positive attitude. But if you are comfortable and dry it helps a lot. That’s what raincoats are all about. And while you might think of them as a modern invention, the first Rains regenjas are probably much older than you think.

Raincoat History

Native Americans living in the Amazon used a crude but effective method of waterproofing their clothing hundreds of years ago. They coated the objects in rubber to create a waterproof finish. Europeans who arrived in the region in the 1500s noticed waterproofing and began experimenting with designing their own waterproof items. François Fresno designed a waterproofing cloth in 1748. Others improved on his idea. The first raincoat was made by G. Fox of London in 1821. It was called Fox’s Aquatic.

Despite the cool name, that first Maium regenjas or raincoat wasn’t all that successful at keeping out the rain. Like Native Americans, early rainmakers used rubber. The problem was that rubber becomes hard and flexible in cold weather. Clothes became sticky in hot weather. A man named Mackintosh solved these problems.

Mackintosh invented his technique for waterproofing fabric in 1823, a design that placed a layer of molded rubber between two layers of fabric treated with a special liquid. But it took an American to finalize the process. His name was Charles Goodyear, a native of Philadelphia. He figured out how to vulcanize rubber, a process that makes rubber stretchier and easier to work with. Finally, someone took Macintosh fabric and Goodyear vulcanized rubber and created the modern raincoat.

More waterproof fabrics followed and more innovations were made in the industry. Now, there are a bunch of different types of Zwarte regenjas to try.