The East and Its Influence on Fashion Today

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It is no secret that fashion influences started from all cultures worldwide. In fact, wearing clothing began due to religious and cultural beliefs. After that, various fashion styles emerged, and the world went round. In addition, fashion is influenced by several factors besides culture, including climate, designs, political, creative explorations, and technological advancements. Learning how to understand these factors may be challenging, but websites like provide blogs on company profiles and implement the ways of fashion. In addition, through their online shop segment, you can find multicultural fashion-styled clothing stores like 66girls, where you have a wide variety of clothing to choose from.

What Is The Eastern Fashion Style?

The Eastern Fashion style consists of Middle Eastern and Asian countries with traditional clothing patterns and styles worn for centuries. Although they are standard, the eastern fashion style has evolved and added a modern touch to their clothes. With the multiple adjustments of power and domination between these eastern regions and the western lifestyle, a lot has happened in the last couple of centuries. Regarding culture, modernity, and civilizations, the east surpassed the lifestyle of the west but was also dominated by the western lifestyle. However, the traditional and customary ways of dressing are vital to preserving what each eastern mind practices and wishes to pass them down to future generations.

How Does Culture Influence Fashion?

The fashion industry is all about making a statement, is it not? So naturally, any influence, including culture, significantly impacts fashion and its direction ahead. In addition, you must understand the power of culture on the fashion industry to foresee social and cultural movements and then comprehend the fashion environment. Fashion also influences our day-to-day lifestyle, which goes beyond just clothing. It is self-expression. Furthermore, cultural changes over time influences fashion. As mentioned above, culture and civilization, taken in their ethnographic sense of entirety, includes belief, knowledge, morals, laws, and arts acquired by man as a genuine member of society. 

Eastern fashion is a world unto itself. When discussing the East, we consider customary or traditional clothing like the Indian Saree or the Japanese Kimono belonging to their own cultures. Men and women have worn these traditional pieces for so many centuries, with a few minor variations as time went on. With that said, the East has contributed a lot to the western fashion style. Today, the Eastern style has not lost traditional clothing sensibilities but rather evolved their traditional styles to suit the modern age lifestyles.

Additionally, designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, and Marchesa have celebrated the Japanese Kimono on their fashion show runways. Other designers like Masaba are also adding a bit of modernity to the Indian Saree.

A New Way of Living and Dressing

The western lifestyle and culture have also influenced a new touch to the eastern fashion culture, with more and more leaning towards the globally popularized fashion trends. The eastern countries have taken on comfortable, easy-to-style, and on-the-go outfits from skinny jeans to sneakers. New brands launched in these eastern countries carry the trend of the western lifestyle and have become quite popular. Moreover, western fashion trends alter with fabric materials and patterns.