The Best Men’s Athletic Shorts for Working Out (and for Laying Around Your Home)


Scouted/The Daily Beast/Nike/Lululemon/Bamboo Ave

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Nike/Lululemon/Bamboo Ave

As the weather warms up, I am officially transitioning myself from wearing sweatpants every day that I’m not in the office over to shorts. This annual change in my life also comes with the realization that not all men’s athletic shorts are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to overall performance as well as comfort.

The best men’s athletic shorts should not only be comfortable, but they should also fit well and be made of sturdy, sweat-wicking materials that stand up well to wear and tear while keeping you dry during sweaty workouts. The proper pair of athletic shorts need to be able to handle extreme moisture, heavy friction, and being stretched in a number of different positions.

Furthermore, much like joggers and athletic pants, style is also an important component to consider. So, if you plan on wearing these out as part of an outfit, the athletic shorts must also look good with the rest of your ensemble. With so many different brands on the table, here are some of the best men’s athletic shorts to buy right now.

Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Short

One of the most popular brands in running and fashion, Lululemon has made it a personal mission to create capable and comfortable clothing. This is especially the case for running gear such as the Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Short. These shorts are designed to be light, breezy and durable enough to handle marathons. The shorts are built with zippered pockets and are made with sweat-wicking quick-dry material that will stay light and clean throughout your workout. As for fashion, the shorts have three different lengths and come in 13 unique colors and designs.

Buy Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Short at Lululemon, $68

Nike Pro Dri-FIT Flex

Another incredibly well-known brand in athletic apparel, Nike is one of the most premier companies in the world for athletic shorts in particular. The focus on new, high-performing materials has created a more durable and more comfortable pair of shorts. The Nike Pro Dri-FIT Flex is one of the best options the company has to offer. The shorts stretch well to contour to your body as it moves while still fitting snuggly to work well as part of an outfit. The materials are lightweight and wick away moisture for more intense workouts. Additionally, if you are worried about sustainability, the shorts are made with at least 75% recycled polyester which has a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional athletic shorts.

Buy Nike Pro Dri-FIT Flex at Nike, $65

Bamboo Ave. Boundless Short

Bamboo Ave. is a smaller brand that makes up for its smaller scope by focusing exclusively on creating great athletic shorts. The newest product from the company, The Bamboo Ave. Boundless Short, is designed to work for any occasion. With a number of different color schemes, the shorts can easily be worn as part of a casual outfit. Additionally, by using upcycled coconuts, the shorts are also naturally odor-resistant. The Boundless Shorts are lightweight and stretchy and come with an optional liner as well as two different inseam lengths. The shorts are also made of recycled plastic bottles as well in an effort to improve sustainability.

Buy Bamboo Ave. Boundless Short at Bamboo Ave, $64

Adidas Aeroready Designed 2 Move Woven Sport Shorts

Adidas has long been a big name in athletic and athleisure apparel with the company’s jackets and joggers being widely adopted into streetwear outfits. While Adidas has not made nearly as big of a splash with their shorts, the Adidas Aeroready Designed 2 Move Woven Sport Shorts are certainly worth considering. On top of incredibly high levels of performance, with the shorts built to pull moisture and stand up to heavy usage, they are also capable of being integrated into any fashion look with 6 different colors available.

Buy Adidas Aeroready Designed 2 Move Woven Sport Shorts at adidas, $30

ALO Yoga Repetition Short

It is very clear that performance and fashion remain two of the biggest hallmarks of a good athletic short, and the ALO Yoga Repetition Short finds the perfect balance between each. The woven fabric is lightweight and flexible for any workout or run that you could go on. There are pockets on the sides and on the back to store your phone wallet and keys with ease. What sets these shorts are part is simply how good they look. The Mineral Blue and Blue Agave color schemes in particular stand out as strikingly beautiful in many ways with the overall construction of the shorts also fitting well on the legs.

Buy ALO Yoga Repetition Short at ALO YOGA, $68

Under Armour Men’s Curry Woven Mix Shorts

Under Armour has long been an athletic apparel company that focuses heavily on optimizing the performance of their products. The Men’s Curry Woven Mix Shorts are no exception with a woven mesh fabric to increase breathability and durability over a long period of working out. The shorts also are designed under Steph Curry’s line of products, so for basketball players, these shorts should be even more tailored to the game. The shorts only come in black which is something to consider, but the clean design and the durable fabric make it worth it for you to check out.

Buy Under Armour Men’s Curry Woven Mix Shorts at Under Armour, $60

Outdoor Voices All Day Short

Outdoor Voices makes it clear in the name that the products can and should be used for outdoor activities as much as anything else. The Outdoor Voices All Day Shorts are built to handle any environment. The shorts come in 5 different colors and have a textured design that makes them unique in comparison to many other options on the list. The Cloudknit fabric is lightweight and flexible, but is also capable of holding up for long runs or hikes with ease.

Buy Outdoor Voices All Day Short at Outdoor Voices, $58

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