The 5 Best Drugstore Highlighter Brushes

Highlighter can accentuate your features and give your skin a stunning glow, but in addition to choosing a great illuminating product, you’ll want the right brush to really make it shine. The best drugstore highlighter brushes are just as dependable as their luxury counterparts, but cost a fraction of the price. They come in several shapes and sizes, so the best way to find your perfect match will be to think about the type of highlighter you reach for the most (cream, liquid, or powder), and which parts of your face you typically illuminate.

To help you choose the right affordable makeup brush, here’s a breakdown of the types that pair best with highlighter:

  • Tapered: Because of its pointed tip, this style is best for precise application that won’t require a lot of blending. It’s also best suited for powder formulas, since the dense, tapered end may leave
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