101 Popular Trends From the Year You Were Born

Whether purchasing an Elvis Presley record, successfully completing a crossword puzzle (without cheating), or eating a cronut, chances are you’ve jumped on a trend bandwagon at some point in your life.

Merriam-Webster defines trend as “a current style or preference.” While some trends don’t quite stand the test of time (think goldfish swallowing), others, such as Barbie dolls, remain venerable icons to this day.

Popular fads from the year you were born
Acdx / Wikimedia Commons

Stacker scoured historical accounts, company websites, news media, and other sources to find the most popular fads from 1920 to today. They range from the bizarre to the energetic; from pageants, games and toys, candy, books, and national heroes, to touch on just a few. Some you’ve never heard of, some are beyond outrageous, and others are mainstays of American life.

Maybe you’ve participated in, or still do, at least one of these. Perhaps your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents experienced these fads

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