So This Is The Term Of Hotel Housekeeping That We Need To Know

If you often stay at Hotels East Coast or other hotels, you must be familiar with Housekeeping. Practically, housekeeping is a term refer to peope who cleaning the house. However, the term housekeeping is not only used in everyday household life. This term is also closely related to the world of tourism, especially hospitality.

In the world of hospitality, housekeeping is a department that has the responsibility to ensure that the condition of hotel rooms and the environment around the hotel is kept clean and tidy. The housekeeping department’s to-do list includes public areas, rooms, laundry, linens, florist, and garden.

Even though you often stay overnight, you don’t necessarily know what terms are related to housekeeping, right? Well, here are some summary terms in housekeeping that you need to know!

Variety of Terms in Hotel Housekeeping

  1. Housekeeping Hotel: Occupied

Occupied can be interpreted as rooms that have been occupied or occupied. The housekeeping officer will hang the control sheet with the letter O or the words “occupied” to indicate that the room is occupied. Meanwhile, rooms that have not been occupied will be marked with the letter V or the words “vacant” which literally means empty.

  1. Master Key

If hotel guests get a guest key card for access to hotel rooms, the housekeeping staff holds the master key card. The master key is a magic key that can be used to open all rooms in the hotel. 

Usually this key is used to open the hotel room when it is time for the housekeeping staff to clean the room. If hotel guests are in the room, of course, they don’t need to use the master key. But if the guest is outside the room during the cleaning schedule, the housekeeping staff can use this master key.

  1. Turndown Service

Turndown service or often also referred to as open bed, is a routine job carried out by housekeeping staff for each room occupied by guests. Turndown service is a comprehensive service including cleaning the room, changing sheets, tidying the bedroom, changing towels, refilling amenities, and so on.

  1. Hotel Housekeeping: Linen

Linen is a type of fabric made from plant fibers. Although it is quite difficult to produce, linen has many excellent qualities such as being very strong, absorbing water, drying faster, and being cool.

Therefore, linen is a commonly used material for hotel bedding such as sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, blankets, and so on. One of the duties of the housekeeping department is to ensure that there is sufficient linen for all rooms and to provide spare linen in case of an incident that requires changing bedding.

  1. Lost and Found

Sometimes, hotel guests accidentally leave their personal belongings in the hotel room during checkout. These items will be collected by housekeeping staff and properly stored in a storage area called “lost and found.”

This is done as a form of hotel professionalism to keep and care for guests’ personal belongings that are left behind so as to facilitate the retrieval process when the owner of the goods comes to collect them.

Those are some housekeeping terms that you can know. In addition to the 5 terms above, actually, there are many other terms that you need to know such as DND which stands for “Do not disturb’, so if a hotel guest puts this sign, the housekeeping staff will not enter the room even though it has entered the turndown schedule.

Well, for those of you who want to stay at hotels more often, you already know what the term housekeeping is, right? so, during your stay, you will understand more about what employees will do to your room.

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