Opinion: Should these Y2K fashion trends stay or go?


Opinion: Should these Y2K fashion trends stay or go?

There has recently been a major comeback of Y2K fashion trends, especially on the popular social media platform TikTok.

If you’re unfamiliar with Y2K (in the fashion sense); it refers to 2000-2010 fashion trends. It seems as though we are all throwing it back to the 2000s in terms of what we wear. Although fashion is not my profession, I thought I would turn on some 2000s jams and observe which trends should continue and which ones can stay history.


As someone who grew up in the Y2K era, the accessories were my favorites as a kid, and they are now too. There was nothing like getting your hair pulled back tight with butterfly hair clips. Butterfly clips are a definite stay; the colorful hair accessory is great for adding excitement to your outfit.

Bandannas are another great way to keep your hair out of your face and still wear your hair down, and have always stayed in my heart.

Small handbags are an inconvenient choice to keep, but that does not stop me from saying they are a stay too, as they match so well with anything. They could even stop you from carrying unnecessary items in your bag.

Any sunglasses from the early 2000s, such as oval-shaped or square-shaped frames, can stay for life; they have so much more character than your regular aviators or circle-shaped sunglasses. This may be an unpopular opinion, but the newsboy hats for women can stay for one reason only; Selena Quintanilla’s iconic style should always be remembered.

Last but not least, with the proper amount of bedazzling and sparkle, such as a minimum on a belt or pockets, bedazzaled accessories can stay. Now if it’s excessive, it takes a different type of person to pull that off, but it is possible. 


Pants from the 2000s have a nice variety, but low rise jeans is one selection that must go. I personally find low rise jeans very uncomfortable and this style has already had its time to shine; I think it’s time to fold them up and put them away.

Baggy oversized jeans have to stay though. Baggy jeans that flow straight are a blessing because they’re comfortable and convenient. No belt is required, leaving room for bloating. I love seeing powerful women in their baggy jeans because I too feel powerful in them.

Track pants are something that should always be in the closet. There’s just something about seeing people in track pants that makes me think that person is the coolest and classiest person. Cargo pants were a big back and forth for me because paired with a crop tee makes it great. At the end of the day, they can be difficult to style, so I would say they should go. 


Tall t-shirts, sports jerseys, and bubble jackets will never leave my mind, and they should never leave anyone’s closet. I think this particular style is a package deal and I think it changed fashion. I remember seeing the comeback of tall t-shirts, which are now called oversized t-shirts, and finding it so interesting and comforting because this was the type of style that many POC followed in the 2000s.

Airbrushed shirts are probably a stay for many people, but personally, I think it should go. I can appreciate past fashion looks, I just don’t see the necessity of them. Baby tees, also known as cropped shirts, should stay because I just don’t think they will ever go out of style, due to the convenience that it is a little more stylish than a plain tee just because it is shorter. Halter tops look great on everyone, as the pairings you can make with halter tops are endless. Trust me, find a fun halter top and put it on and you will feel like a celebrity. 


Platform shoes were thriving in the early 2000s and they are thriving now. I am not upset by this in any way, but more overjoyed. I am 5’2 and the way I feel when I put on any type of platform shoe is indescribable. Platform sneakers, platform boots, platform sandals need to stay. The gel sparkly sandals that we all used to run around it should be added to stay. I haven’t really seen these around, but that’s why I am including them. Retro Air Jordans were popular then and they are popular now. Jordans should and will always be popular. 


Animal patterns on clothing should’ve never stopped, at least not the way animal patterns were used in the 2000s.  In a halter top or hat, or a blouse shirt, this pattern brings creativity to an outfit because once you pick that animal pattern, your whole outfit has to be centered around that. Although velvet is a texture and not a pattern, it is something that thrived in the 2000s, especially with juicy couture tracksuits. I would never wear a tracksuit, but it is still a stay in my lookbook. This choice can’t be explained. I just never want to see an end to tracksuits.

Overall, the Y2k trends are very in right now. I love most of them, and will be keeping a lot of these looks in my closet for years to come.


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