Little Shop by the Lake a dream come true for Alban

Mollie Alban opened Little Shop By The Lake to fulfill a longtime dream she shared with her father, who died in 2017.

PORT CLINTON – A dream shared with her late father and a Put-In-Bay vacation inspired Mollie Alban to move to Marblehead and open a furniture and clothing shop in Port Clinton.

Alban, who has a fashion merchandising background, had long wanted to open her own store. On June 1, her dream became her reality when Little Shop By The Lake opened in the Port Clinton Plaza.

“My dad and I had a plan to open a store, but that fell through,” Alban said. “Then my dad passed away in 2017.”

Alban still carried that dream when a friend suggested she travel from her home in Cincinnati for a Put-In-Bay vacation.

“I had never been in this area, and I was really overwhelmed when I got up here. It’s amazing and peaceful. Everyone is really friendly, and I like being around people who want to engage,” Alban said. “Last year, I camped with my kids and mom on Put-In-Bay, and I thought I could really see myself moving up here.”