Kaye Guthrie Adonis’ mission to make street art and graffiti high fashion


She’s a black woman with a Scottish accent and a bouncing black ’fro who likes to wear sneakers “all the time”, so it’s no surprise that Kaye Guthrie Adonis’ label is just as bold and memorable as her aesthetic.

Adonis started AKA Artwear to combine her two loves, art and fashion. The label is only three years old but it’s already been a success.

“It’s been really overwhelming because I didn’t study fashion, I studied art. I just kind of knew that I had to be my authentic self because, if people respond to what I wear already, then hopefully, people will respond to what I make,” she told AAA.

“When I started I was aiming at people like myself that really didn’t want to really wear what everyone else is wearing, they’re a little bit older, and they’ve really appreciated one-of-a-kind pieces.

“But I guess as the years have gone on I sell to everyone… it’s really just changed for me for the past couple of years.”

It’s easy to see the influence of hip hop and street art in her designs.

“I can come from street art, contemporary art scene … I think I wanted to change the perception of street art because it still is contemporary art,” she said.

“I didn’t want people, especially my age, to be fearful of it but I wanted people to appreciate that it’s freestyle and there are no mistakes and there’s no wrong or right, it’s just another form of expressing who you are.”

Adonis recently released her latest collection, Bossy and is currently hosting a popup store in Northbridge until April 26.


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