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Whenever going shopping, Christmas or otherwise,  particularly with a group of friends, it is generally and silently acknowledged that there is an unwritten code of conduct that governs the behaviour of the group whilst it is out in public. Said code of conduct governs, in particular, what can and cannot be done in public, in other words, the dos and don’ts of being in public. So, whether you are going Christmas jumper shopping with the boys and purchasing from christmas jumpers uk, Giglio clothing and or outlet clothes clothing, the following are do’s and don’ts that need to be, at least to some degree, adhered to, at least when in public.

These are the do’s and don’ts when going Christmas jumper shopping with the boys 

The following are the generally understood and accepted dos and don’ts adhered to by every person on the planet regardless of race, age, gender, language, location and or any other factors. Also, it should be noted that the following are in no particular order. So without further ado, these are some of the unwritten but acknowledged do’s and don’ts that are adhered to when out in public.


Get to the mall early, get to the mall or shopping centre early so as to avoid the hustle and bustle of that day’s main crowd.

Plan out what stores you’re all going to; this helps to not only make the shopping experience a smoother one but also aid in 1, not getting distracted by “shiny” things and 2, sticking to any budget that you may have planned beforehand.

Ask your friend’s opinion if you are looking to try something new or aren’t sure about an item.

Be open to their ideas if your friend suggests a clothing item for you.

Have fun, it is important to remember that, above all, it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.


Pull a disappearing act and go off on your own for hours; this is not only really rude but also a very shitty and scummy thing to do, especially if you are the one who invited everyone.

Don’t wander off in pairs or smaller groups; similarly to number one, this is not only really rude, but It can also be very easy to get separated, especially in a bustling mall or shopping centre.

Don’t complain; This will depend on the severity of the complaint, resulting in the rest of the shopping trip being very uncomfortable.

Make fun of a friend’s style.

Be obnoxiously loud; as hard as it may be, try your best to keep the noise to a minimum; this includes but is not limited to laughter, loudly proclaiming something to be “hideous,” etc.

With all that said

With that said, it is important to remember that you don’t always need money to have fun when you are out shopping with friends. Just trying on the clothes, talking to, laughing with and spending time with good friends is more than enough. 


It should be noted that the previously mentioned dos and don’ts are completely arbitrary concepts and have no grounding in reality. In other more simple words, whilst there are no such things as dos and don’ts when out in public, the concept is silently understood and adhered to by every person on the planet regardless of race, age, gender, language, location and or any other factors.

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