Discover cool men’s jewellery by Hatton Labs


Hatton Labs jewellery for men plays on subculture design codes

Jewellery for men takes a playful form in the new collection from British jewellery brand Hatton Labs

British jewellery brand Hatton Labs draws on offbeat subcultures for men’s jewellery that infuses staple pieces with a contemporary cool.

Founders Jack Cannon and Joe Gelb draw on backgrounds in the fashion and music industries respectively, while staying faithful to traditional techniques. Silver, gold, semi-precious stones and pearls are all sourced from London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden.

‘We like to take traditional silhouettes and give them a contemporary twist,’ the duo say of the oversized proportions and dreamy colour tones that characterise their pieces. ‘A lot of silver jewellery has an oxidised, dark feel to it that we feel is very dated. By giving the items a high polish and letting the silver shine through, we find that the pieces really stand out in comparison. Larger gauge chains matched with fun, bright-coloured stones are very much our signature pieces.’

The new collection encompasses this playful mood in thickly-knitted chains speckled in flowers, gleaming pearl bracelets and heart-shaped pink opals set into signet rings. ‘We introduced pearls into our pieces as a way of shaking up the scene,’ Cannon and Gelb add. ‘No one wanted to do pearls, as they were largely associated with older ladies, which felt like a challenge to us. With this collection, we really wanted to show people how dynamic pearls are and they are here to stay. We want to show people that regardless of status, age, and gender, you can always wear pearls.’

They describe the aesthetic of the collection as fluid, designed to be worn at any time and in any way.

‘Our biggest issue is having too many ideas. We want to create everything we design but it’s just not that simple. We really have to be strategic with our collection inclusions and make sure it’s digestible for our consumer whilst still offering something fresh.’ §



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