7 Ways How Fashion Trends Influence Vape Industry


Vaping is the new trend nowadays. As a healthier and much more enjoyable habit, vaping has slowly influenced fashion trends. However, this is not a one-way street as the fashion world has found its way to leave its mark on vaping too.

Whether with model endorsements or stylish cases, the fashion and vape industries are coming closer than ever. Models stun the catwalk with various vapes in their hands or pockets that accessorize their glamorous outfits.

From being brought up on runways to being the number one pocket accessory, here are some ways fashion trends influence the vape industry’s progress.

The 90s Chic Esthetique

Back in the 90s, it wasn’t strange to see runway models walk down the catwalk with a long, sleek cigarette in their hands. As the world changed, so did this trend, and soon, fashion shows all around the world stopped adding this small accessory because it promoted a bad habit. That is, up until the vaping industry!

Nowadays, the 90s are making a return with the heroin chic esthetic. The cigarettes in the models’ hands are replaced with thin, elegant vapes.

Even the models are represented to resemble the vape pens, which made vape manufacturers experiment with the design of this device. This means thinner vapes with larger-than-life vapors.

Vaping Models & Influencers

Vaping has set the trend of being a healthier option than smoking. But just saying it won’t make much of a difference. That is why influencers and models from various fashion brands were hired to spread the word about this little gadget.

Be it a photo shoot or a simple celebrity gathering, one show of a vape in their hands will make an absolute difference for the industry. Even more, designers have started to dress their models in the “vaping spirit,” giving them a more edgy, street look.

Vapes Present on the Catwalk

Vape devices aren’t just seen in fashion magazines like Vogue but have also made their way to the runway. Many fashion brands include a vape pen as an accessory to their sleek designer dresses. There are even whole fashion shows dedicated to the “vaping style.”

The New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one such. It introduced vapes on the runway, which increased interest in many following events of this type. Some have used these shows to market their vaping collections. For example, Richard Chai, a well-known designer, gifted his vaporizers to the crowd in the first row of his fashion show.

Change in the Vape Size

Long gone are the days when tight-fit clothes were a hit. Nowadays, baggy and simple styles are in, so it’s no surprise that more designers are creating this type of clothing. This even inspired the vaping industry to experiment with different sizes of vape devices.

Manufacturers have created vape pens that will fit in any pocket for vaping enthusiasts who like to wear sleek leather jeans. There are also smaller disposables that can be placed in jeans’ pen holders as well.

But it’s not just the clothing that played a role in the vaporizers’ sizes. The 2010s saw a rise in small envelope bags. Now, backpacks and larger purses are necessary, which is why the vape industry introduced new table unit vape devices or vape mods that can be easily carried in bags.

Vape Clothing & Accessories

The fashion industry didn’t just take an indirect approach to vaping but truly entered the market. Many clothing brands started creating pieces that have a vaporizer attached to them.

For example, hoodies with e-cigarettes and vaporizer holders are attached to the laces, so you don’t have to clutter your bag or pockets or frantically search for them. Many have even dived into DIY vaping hoodies, trying to catch up to this latest fashion.

Another thing designers have implemented to bring these two industries together is accessories. Sometimes you might go for a simple style and have nowhere to put your vaporizer. Instead of dragging a whole bag with you, designers have created necklaces or chains where you can put your vape pen and dash out.

Vapes to Match the Style

As the fashion industry slowly seeped into the vaping one, naturally, the styles required different types of vapes. After all, you can’t wear a dashing black dress and have a small unattractive vape with you.

There are many customizable vape designs today, from e-liquid densities to powers, intensities, and tastes. Now vape enthusiasts can customize their vape device to match their outfits, as vape bands can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Personalized vapes can also be useful in differentiating them at a party. From wooden to hand-crafted ones to individual tanks and coils, there’s everything for every style!

The Uproar of Vaping Culture 

The fashion industry has always greatly influenced how groups are set. It lets people revolve around the same interest and thus creates them – from high school gangs that carry the goth style to emos, jocks, and metal heads.

Vape pens and their manufacturers try to cater to these groups by creating similar designs with their devices. There are the mods for the baggy pocket-full dresses, and for those wearing sleek jeans, the simple vape pens. An all-black-coating vape pod can fit the goth style, and an elegant pink pen can be the finishing touch to a cheerleader’s outfit.

You can even use a whole vape kit as a Bluetooth speaker at a party.

Vape Industry Vs. Fashion Trends: Conclusion

Both industries are closely interrelated today. The fashion industry will continue to empower the vape one because of its long history of using smokables as an accessory to clothing. What was once considered fashionable with a cigarette is now replaced with a colorful vape mod or pen.

Vape devices are here to stay, and they will only get better. With fashion right next to it, we will surely see some dashing designs in the future!


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