10 Fashion Trends From The ’80s That Are Going Strong


People hate on the ’80s but without them, there would be no bright colors, puffy sleeves, oversized clothes and much more.

Some people hate trends from the ’80s, but this is neglecting all of the amazing fashion trends that stem from this era. If you love rocking your two-piece spandex outfit to the gym, thank the ’80s. If you love bodysuits, oversized blazers, the pearl trend and clothes made from textures like satin, sequins and pleather, thank the ’80s.

While the ’70s saw the introduction of groovy patterns and bohemian clothes, the ’80s stepped up its game with fashionable office wear like oversized blazers and more clothing options for women that didn’t include dresses or skirts.

There is a lot to be thankful for in terms of ’80s fashion, here are 10 trends that are still going strong that stem from this glorious era of fashion.

10 Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers are an ode to ’80s fashion trends, and they are going strong today as suits are back in style for casual and formal wear. The ’80s was really the first time that women started to wear clothing outside of skirts, dresses and sweaters, especially everyday women who didn’t work in offices.

Today, oversized blazers are welcomed in every color and pattern as a way to shake up your day-to-day wardrobe.

9 Clothes With Texture

If you walk into any store, it will be full of clothes with texture. From satin, pleather everything, sequins and tulle, that is all an ode to the ’80s. Sure, some previous decades such as the ’20s and even early 1900s leaned into textures, but it re-emerged as a popular way of making clothes in the ’80s.

Now all of these textures are favorites from the runway to stores everywhere.


8 Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets were introduced in the ’80s and never really went away. They are comfortable and now stylish too from the ski jacket trend to now coming in chic and sleek styles, puffers can be made high fashion street style. 

7 Bold Colors

The ’80s was easily one of the most colorful decades from the Let’s Get Physical music video to anything by Whitney Huston. In the ’80s, going out culture blew up for all people like never before, emerging an entirely new category of clothing: nightclub wear.

People were dancing the night away in colorful outfits, that are meant to be complimentary not matching. Everything was bold from the colors, the sequins and the puffy sleeves.

6 Spandex Two-Pieces

Speaking of the Let’s Get Physical music video, spandex emerged as acceptable and fashionable clothing as dancing and fitness began to trend in the ’80s. From the ’80s introducing spandex as fitness wear, to now this trend being worn from the gym to brunch and more.

Spandex has changed the fitness fashion game, and also made life a lot more comfy.

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5 Mom Jeans

Now that skinny jeans are out of style, wide-leg jeans are reining and for good reason: there are many options, including mom jeans.

Mom jeans first game into the scene in the ’80s and continued through ’90s fashion, although they took a few decades off until the late 2010s. Now they are fully back as a strong option when throwing out your skinny jeans alongside your new wide-leg pants.

4 High-Waist Lines

High waistlines have spent more time in style, than out of style. Even though at the moment, fashion is about to see waistlines get lower, the high waist still holds strong for many people and fashion definitely validates this stance.

Everyone enjoys this waistline because it is flattering and easy to style with tops. Not even just pants, but skirts to continue to shine in the high waistline.

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3 Thin High Heels

Recently, thin high heels made a comeback. Chunky platforms are still here to stay, but for a good decade, the most typical high heel was not that of the ’80s. Now, heels are rarely over 2 inches, and they are either thin in the back or have a platform chunk as a heel. What makes the sandals and heels thin like in the ’80s is the straps.

Strappy sandals are always a good choice, especially as summer is approaching, get a colorful pair or stick to neutrals.

2 Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves made a comeback from the ’80s in the last 5 years. It was one of those trends that people didn’t see coming, but now they are here to stay as a classic look for shirts and dresses alike.

From linen materials for a spring look to sweaters that have a slight puff on the sleeve to dress up the look, it is the perfect accent to any boring sleeve. Puffy sleeves make the perfect work shirt or cottage core dress.

1 Hoop Earrings

Hoops are timeless, but the chunky gold trend that is now reigning came from the ’80s. This look is perfect for dressing up any outfit without changing your clothes and makes the perfect staple accessory.

If you don’t have some hoops for everyday wear, make that your next must-have accessory. Plus its movement through fashion trends proves it is a look that will outlast.

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