10 Fashion Trends From the 70’s That Are Going Strong


From bootcut pants to halter tops and of course psychedelic patterns and colors, many trends today are heavily influenced by the ’70s.

While the ’90s and Yk2 fashion get all the credit for today’s outfit inspo, it is time to address the elephant in the room. Many of today’s trends are going strong based on ’70s fashion from clothes to color palettes and even interior design trends.

If you love to were flowy dresses with a bohemian pattern, or wide sleeves and legs, then you are into ’70s fashion. If you wear wide-leg pants and trousers, collared shirts and collared dresses with knee-high boots, then you are into ’70s fashion.

The influence is strong as are today’s trends making it the perfect accent to add to your statement pieces and capsule closet. Check out these 10 trends that stem from ’70s fashion that is going strong today from wide-leg pants to halter tops and window bangs.

10 Bell Bottoms

The wide-leg pants trend from bootcut jeans to straight legs come from the ’70s directly. Have you ever seen That ’70s Show?  Name a time when Donna wasn’t wearing bellbottom jeans or colorful corduroys.

Wide-leg jeans and trousers are here to stay and manifest themselves into both casual and formal wear with suits, trousers and even activewear.

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9 Mini-Skirts

In the ’60s some hemlines got pretty short, but they stayed strong in the ’70s along with midi and longer hemlines.

Although mini-skirts in the ’70s were probably jeans, corduroy or a full bold colored pattern. The ladder is still trending today along with any other mini-skirt under the sun.

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8 Wide-Sleeves

Wide-sleeves come in many forms these days from a puff to a bell-shaped sleeve. In terms of elegant shirts, other than a basic button-down, the wide-sleeve trend is arguably more common than a straight sleeve nowadays.

Especially now that spring has arrived, it is time to break out your loose sleeves and embrace this ’70s vibe.

7 Collared Dresses

Collared dresses are directly from the ’70s especially when they are short and fitted. This fashion season saw collared dresses like the one featured, and also wrap dresses that hug instead of fit tightly.

Both were the must-have dresses this fast winter, and are going strong into spring and summer fashion.

6 Crochet

Crochet is more of a spring and summer trend, but it stems from ’70s fashion. It has also gone viral as a TikTok hobby, making your own crochet accessories from tops with matching skirts, scarves and hats.

If you want to experiment with crochet, look for a crochet beach dress or versatile two-piece set. 

5 Chunky Heels

From chunky loafers to heeled boots and high-heeled sandals the chunky 70’s heel is back. It is such a good version of a high heel because it almost acts as a platform, making it comfortable, but without as much heaviness that platforms come with.

The heels that don’t have a platform under tend to be a bit more uncomfortable, so having this little wedge and square-shaped heel makes it the ideal occasion show that can also be worn casually.

4 Bold Colors & Patterns

Bold colors and patterns were all the rage this past winter and they are going strong into spring. The bold colors trend started in the ’60s and went through into the ’70s, although in the ’70s the colors became a little more earthy like browns, oranges, yellows and darker hues of burgundy and green.

Strong patterns however are very ’70s, especially in the form of a flowy dress or collared shirt.

3 The Return Of Brown

Brown is the new black as they say, and it is very apparent with the brown everything trends from pants to shirts, dresses and skirts.

Hues of brown started as a trend in the ’70 and disappeared up until the last year when it surfaced once again as a staple color. Now it is basically light white, as it can be worn with black, white and more brown. Find the perfect shade of brown for your closet.

2 Halter Tops

You can thank the ’70s for the glorious halter top cut of shirts. Imagine this outfit: burgundy and dark orange bold patterned halter top with bell-bottom high-waisted jeans and chunky clogs (another trend making a comeback now), topped off with a layered blowout and you can’t get more ’70s than that.

A trend now is a halter top as a matching set, either wide-leg pants or with a mini skirt, and of course in a big, bold color and pattern. Let the halter top be your favorite summer top.

1 Window Sweep Bangs

In terms of viral TikTok haircuts, most of them come from the ’70s including window sweeping bangs. This look is a long bang that is layered and frames the face a little, but it can be styled away from your face or hung in front.

A second viral haircut is the wolf haircut, a series of layers that combines a shag haircut and a mullet, but in the coolest way. To get the ’70s look, the right haircut such as window bangs or a wolf haircut is essential for topping off the look.

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