Young Filipina fashion designer promotes upcycling through own clothing line


As the pandemic rages on, an inspiring Filipina wishes to leave a mark on the fashion industry through her upcycled fashion line, with hopes to influence the public to veer away from fast fashion.

Born and raised in San Pedro, Laguna, Alyanna Ferrer’s genuine curiosity contributed to her approach to taking inspiration from the mundane and honoring time-old classics. And thus, after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, she established her eponymous fashion brand, Alyanna Ferrer.

Alyanna Ferrer lounging at her garage which doubles as her creative space. (Inset) The Remake backstage with Celine Reyes (right) and Thian Dinglasan wearing The Remake piece No. 03 (chore jacket made from old car seat covers)

She recently released The Remake Collection, which explored the evolution and recollection as the DNA of unwanted materials were preserved as they were reborn into different garments.

Alyanna Ferrer sources all of its materials from Humble Sustainability, a community that collects and distributes materials from households and businesses for reuse and recycling, all for circular living.

These old school uniforms, worn-out jeans, discarded upholstery covers, and linen sheets, all now take the form of resurrected, stylish, comfortable, and environmentally-responsible garments, all with a new lease on life.

“The economic and consecutive environmental catastrophes proved to us that we lack accountability. Prior to the pandemic, it is already known that the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically because of fast fashion’s unethical practices – cheap labor, waste accumulation, exploitation,” she stated.

“As a brand, we are committed to taking part in rewiring the industry by creating a more responsible line in collaboration with our local artisans,” she added.

A former collection, The Reissue, likewise talked about “a movement towards breaking the ‘take-make-dispose’ fashion cycle, teaching consumers the discipline of utilizing clothes and other resources.”

“This pandemic gave us a lot of realizations – from valuing life to maximizing the digital platforms for health, livelihood, education, and more. One of the greatest lessons I learned during this time is to have a heart of flesh. We need to extend our kindness and challenge ourselves to become a vessel of hope,” she shared.

Looking to the future, Alyanna Ferrer aims to expand her network as she gears up for an e-commerce partnership later in the year. 


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