What You Need to Know About Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas

Engagement rings are not merely rings, they are symbols of love from a person who is ready to commit to being with their partner for the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s a very special ring, it has been customary for engagement rings to have a diamond on them. Girls are fascinated by these stones since they are indeed fascinating and expensive. As they say, you can show how much a man loves a woman with the worth of a diamond on the engagement ring he offers. Diamonds combined with other gems will be more fabulous that’s why Diamond companies have been selling diamonds with other gemstones for decades and it never fails to sell out. Online and physical stores have been competing and offering customers the best diamond rings they can offer. Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas are also trendy, stores are growing like mushrooms. People in Dallas seem to be crazy about diamond rings. Here are some trendy sapphire diamond engagement rings that we can see in Dallas Jewelry stores.

Things to Know on Diamond and Sapphire Ring in Dallas

Why Diamond and Sapphire?

Diamond and sapphire are two different gemstones but once combined they can create an engagement ring masterpiece. They are both precious, diamonds are known to be a highly valued stone while sapphire is known as a royalty stance most especially blue sapphires. Blue sapphires have been the choice of people because of their history on royalties wearing them, one of the most famous sapphire engagement rings was the one worn by Princess Diana. By combining these two precious stones, the result would be one stunning diamond sapphire engagement ring. As they say why to choose when you can have both in one ring.

What Will be the Best Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring?

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring comes in different designs and shapes here the most common cuts and designs for this engagement rings:

  • Oval Sapphire and Double Halo Diamond Ring
  • Sapphire and Halo Diamond Twist Ring
  • Floating Oval Sapphire and Diamond MIcropave Diamond Halo Ring

Oval Shape is more preferred when it comes to Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring since it looks prettier as seen on the center of the ring with diamonds surrounding it.

What are the 4cs of? Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings?

Both sapphire and diamond have 4cs buyers have to consider before purchasing one. Knowing the characteristics of the stones you are buying will be a wise step to be able to get the best engagement ring you can offer to your future wife.


For diamonds, the clearer the better colorless diamonds will be the best choice even if they are the most expensive. For Sapphire, blue is the rarest but also the best choice for color. The color will vary from light blue to dark blue, color in between will be the best choice, not so light and not so dark.


Flawless diamonds will be the best and should be blemish-free. For Sapphire, it is impossible to have a flawless kind but they can be heated to improve its clarity. Jewelers usually offer heat-treated sapphire stones for engagement rings.


Standard cuts are made for diamonds, they can be cut according to the needed shape to be placed surrounding the sapphire. For the centerpiece which is the blue sapphire cutting them symmetrically and at correct angles can display its luster and beauty. Although oval shapes are recommended you still have the choice to cut it according to your partner’s choice. Some women are very particular with the shape so you have to know what shape she desires to have on her finger.


Both diamond and sapphire have a range of carat weights. Sapphire however is heavier than diamond. Choose the carat that fits your budget and at the same time, it should fit the design you desire.

Getting Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas is not that hard since you can do online shopping or visit their physical stores near you to see the actual appearance of rings. Apply the tips you read in choosing one and don’t hesitate to inquire anything you want to know about the best option for engagement rings to be able to get the best one for your partner.