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 Celebrities on the red carpet (Photo: Courtesy)

With the recently held Grammy awards culminating the end of the award season, there are certain fashion trends that dominated the red carpet.

While celebrities put their best fashion foot forward, there are those who took notes from the international fashion runways.

Many fashion watchers and enthusiasts have described this as a red carpet where celebrities were totally themselves as far as their outfits were concerned.

 Amy Forsyth on the red carpet (Photo: Courtesy)

True to that, celebrities did not conform to the old way of dressing in gowns but dressed in what they best felt comfortable in.

The return of in person award shows has been dominated by bright colours and this red carpet was no different.

This time round, fuschia colour had its moment at the red carpet. It was the most dominant colour with celebrities rocking it effortlessly in different designs.

 Kristine Stewart looking dashin in her short suit (Photo: Courtesy)

From the SAG awards, to the Golden Globes all the way to The Grammys, fuschia was undoubtedly a favourite colour.

Similar to past red carpets, there was a lot of sequin and gold on the carpet with our very own Lupita topping the list. Lest we forget how much celebrities embraced the colour red in different shades and designs but still looked good while at it.

Bold monochrome tuxedos made their presence felt on the runway. Interestingly enough, the females too jumped onto this trend and they nailed these looks. This look gave the traditional black and white tux a break and we loved the transition.  At the Oscars, co- host Wanda Sykes stunned in all white tux.

 Wander Sykes at the Oscars (Photo: Courtesy)

Not one to shy off from showing her unique style, Kristen Stewart gave us a new idea on what next to rock on the carpet. The itty bitty shorts suit.

Not forgetting all the silhouettes that were showcased on the carpet.

Celebrities also had interesting hair choices especially at The Grammy awards. From retro brushed out waves to curled edges to ponytails, celebrities hair choices were very interesting to look at.

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