The Fall/Winter Fashion Month 2022 has come to an end, and for all of those whose invitation to the Chanel fashion show got lost in the mail, never fear, here you will find all of the booming trends of the season to expect and start planning.

Fashion month sprawls across the globe and the month of February into the first week of March. From Copenhagen to New York, Paris to Milan, models, designers, photographers and celebrities alike go from country to country for the latest fashion show updates.

To be quite frank, many of these trends have been popular with everyday people from pleather pants too sheer layers and corset tops, this time around you won’t see many surprises.

10 Sequins

Sequins are one of the standout new trends from fashion month. Before, a sequin dress was just for the holidays, but you can expect to see people rocking sequins in their street style. 

From classic gold and silver to bold colors and patterns, sequins will soon be everywhere.

9 Barely There

Dresses with cutouts have been trending for the last year, finally, this is being represented at the high-end fashion side of things.

From front cutouts, horizontal cutouts, side cuts, and so much more, barely-there clothes are a big thing. This kind of leans into the ’90s cut-out pants that became so popular on Euphoria. 


8 Bright Monochromatic

It has been the most colorful winter season in years, and that trend is going to continue. Bold colors are here to stay before you could mismatch them as well, now you officially have permission from fashion month to go bold monochromatic colors. Reference Zendaya’s bright pink suit at Paris Fashion week, and take notes.

7 Trench Coats

There are many coats you could choose from, but a trench is now at the top of the fashion industry.

When you think trench coat, you might immediately think of a beige one with buttons and a belt or something that Lily Collins would wear in Emily In Paris. You can get a trench in just about any pattern, such as gingham, or fabric, like pleather.

6 Tweed

Thanks to Chanel, tweed is now officially back as a casual street style fabric. It isn’t just for the Queen of England or a trip to the White House, tweed jacks, skirts and two-piece suits will now be worn by everyone.

The trend is already popping up in stores, dress it up with a colorful mini-purse or dress it down with wide-leg jeans.

5 Corset Waistlines

Corset tops went viral on TikTok, and celebs like Olivia Rodrigo and Serena Williams rocked them regularly. So who started it? TikTok? Or fashion giants? It isn’t clear who influenced who here.

Either way even if you didn’t get into corset tops, you can expect more corset waistlines such as dresses to expand the trend. It might be one of those things that grow on you with time and more options.

4 Sheer Layers

Sheer layers are the best for transforming winter or summer clothes for different seasons. You can wear a min-dress with a sheer black long sleeve top under and suddenly you are winter going out ready.

Sheer layers are getting more complicated, the runways were full of looks playing with layering from sheer dresses with big jackets over or even Rihanna herself rocking a sheer dress.

3 Pleather Everything

This is old news, everyone already bought pleather pants, a skirt and a new pleather blazer jacket.

This is just a reminder that pleather is here to stay as a fashion favorite fabric. Mix it with other textures like tweed or faux fur to get a high fashion look. Although there is no wrong way to wear pleather, you can even match it with more pleather.

Pleather on pleather is the new jean on jean.

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2 Baggy Everything

You probably already know that you can keep buying and wearing baggy clothes, although this is a recent trend on the runways, most street-style fashionistas have already mastered it.

From baggy shirts to oversized white button-downs and of course wide-leg jeans, fashion is finally reflecting what everyone wants most: comfort.

One new message from the runways is you can wear oversized everything, all together, and still call it fashion. Head to toe oversized, including layers and jackets, are a fall and winter must.

Don’t forget your new oversized bag for 2022 to offset your mini-purse collection.

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1 Suits

This has been a slow burn, but it is no surprise that suits are officially a versatile outfit. From tweed skirt suits being worn to celebrity award ceremonies to an office or even as streetwear, this trend has a lot of potential.

Anyone who works in an office can use this notice as an excuse to treat themselves to a modern pant or skirt suit. Realistically, it is a very versatile investment because two-piece outfits can be mixed and matched for creating new looks, or you can wear them together for an effortless day.

You can also lean into oversized if you dare, but do keep in mind a long-cut jacket and wide-leg pants.

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