Workout Clothes for Men You Can Work in: Hylete Apparel Review

Hands on with Hylete’s Polo Shirts and Pants (Photo: Hylete)

As a business traveler, the holy grail of travel apparel is clothes that are comfortable to move in, yet doesn’t give others the impression that you’re on your way to an aerobics or gym session. Hylete may have struck gold in their range of workout clothes for men that have landed them in my ‘must wear’ list the next time I’m on a long-haul flight.

Hylete Ion Pants (Photo: Hylete)

Workout pants that can pass for Workplace pants

Though we’ve entered the era where the ‘men in tights’ look is widely accepted, the style is still far from acceptable as workplace attire. But Hylete have found a way to circumvent this with their Fuse and Ion pants range, where the material they are made from is extremely flexible – consists of lots of spandex and nylon, but the cut is

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The COVID effect on work fashion in Charlotte

High heels? No thanks. Pants with zippers? So 2019. In the age of quarantine and remote working, comfort is king in the Queen City.

Like nearly everything in life, Charlotte fashion has been turned on its head during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Zoom calls replacing meetings, couches replacing conference rooms and Netflix replacing nights out, business and formal attire are becoming as passe as handshakes. Instead we are seeing the rise of what the Wall Street Journal dubbed the “business mullet” — formal up top, party down below.

“I’d live in my joggers if I could, and the best part is that I can wear a professional blouse up top during my Zoom calls with clients and no one is the wiser,” said Charlotte business coach, strategist, author and podcaster Jenny Melrose. “Plus I’m able to hop up and be comfortable running an errand or playing with the kids. Comfort

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