Padma Lakshmi, 50, Best Skincare And Beauty Tips

Chances are, you’ve seen Padma Lakshmi just about everywhere—that’s because she’s done literally everything in her career, as a chef, actress, model, cookbook author, and Top Chef host. And any time she’s on your TV screen, on the red carpet, or even at home whipping up Indian food with her daughter on Instagram, her complexion is flawless (have never seen any hint of a blemish on her, ever). So what are her secrets? Keep scrolling.

First of all, Padma has admitted that she doesn’t use a ton of big-brand skincare products. Her go-to beauty solutions are natural, like tea tree oil for fighting breakouts, and even honey, which she sometimes slathers on her face before hopping in the shower (more on that later).

Plus, her glowy, ageless skin can also be attributed to good genes. She does use a high SPF, and is careful about her sun exposure, especially to

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