Meet Dauphinette’s Olivia Cheng, the Youngest Designer on View at The Met

A Midtown Manhattan office complex that also happens to be a major tourist attraction doesn’t exactly scream “place where you might discover a cool young designer.” But anyone wandering around Rockefeller Center in search of the ice skating rink or the entrance to the Saturday Night Live studio might find themselves pulled toward a storefront near 5th Avenue that looks like a psychedelic powder room kitted out by an eccentric botanist, or a boudoir as imagined by Lewis Carroll.

Through the plate glass window marked Dauphinette, one can see an astonishing array of items fashioned out of resin-encased fruits, leaves, and flowers; 1960s-ish dresses with ostrich feather trims; and velvet puffer jackets covered in a rainbow insect print. A mural featuring dancing cupids covers every inch of wall. On a wet, grey morning in late September, walking into the boutique’s organized pastel chaos cut through the gloom like a

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I was embarrassed to shop in charity shops but it saved me thousands on designer gear

WITH second-hand and sustainable fashion becoming bang on trend, charity shops are quickly becoming clothes lovers favourite place to bag a bargain.

But for one girl, stocking up on her wardrobe staples at charity shops was something she was initially “embarrassed” about.

Hope Bailey admits she used to be "embarrassed" about shopping in charity shops, but it's saved her thousands of pounds (pictured wearing blazer £4 and boots £7).


Hope Bailey admits she used to be “embarrassed” about shopping in charity shops, but it’s saved her thousands of pounds (pictured wearing blazer £4 and boots £7).Credit: Kennedy News
She's managed to snap up high-end designer goods, including vintage pre-owned Coach bags and Burberry bags


She’s managed to snap up high-end designer goods, including vintage pre-owned Coach bags and Burberry bagsCredit: Kennedy News

Hope Bailey, 18, from Manchester, admits she used to hide away while sifting through the rails in her local charity shops, as she never wanted anybody to see her picking out second-hand items.

Now, after saving thousands on her designer wardrobe, Hope is championing second-hand stores and is encouraging others to ditch fast fashion retailers for their

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Bucks Designer House & Gardens Opens Sunday

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Promising Young Woman Costume Designer on Cassie’s Style

Carey Mulligan plays Cassandra in comedy-thriller Promising Young Woman, which is about a 30-year-old woman who has been deeply affected and broken by her past. The film, which is already garnering Oscars buzz, was written and directed by Emerald Fennell and styled by costume designer Nancy Steiner, who understood immediately how Cassie’s devastating time in medical school has affected the rest of her life and, therefore, what she wears.

“[Cassie’s] clothing that she wears during the daytime is a disguise and a costume . . . because she’s trying to come off as this sweet, girlie, feminine, candy-colored lady, in a way to avoid confrontation.”

“I think the job of a costume designer involves a lot of psychology. With any character that you’re dressing, you want to think about where they get their clothes, how they get their clothes, and how they treat their clothes. Does this person

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