Woman Gets Big Surprise When Opening Wedding Dress Box

6 P.M. Weather ReportThe Twin Cities could see an inch or two of snow Saturday, Chris Shaffer reports (3:10). WCCO 4 News At 6 – January 29, 2021

Bill Aims To Cap Food Carryout, Delivery FeesA bill moving through the state capitol would put a cap on what third-party delivery apps like GrubHub and Door Dash can charge for takeout at restaurants, Caroline Cummings reports (2:29). WCCO 4 News At 6 – January 29, 2021

Minneapolis North Students Urge Students To Get COVID TestsThe Polars seem to be in this position year after year. But unlike past seasons, they don’t entirely control their own destiny, John Lauritsen reports (2:00). WCCO 4 News At 6 – January 29, 2021

After 3 Decades, Plymouth Police Chief RetiresDuring his tenure as Plymouth’s top cop, he added a number of major

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Big in America: How Japanese Men’s Magazines Found a Stateside Audience

It was a haircut that introduced Matt Hranek to the world of Japanese men’s magazines.

While waiting to have his ears lowered at Freemans Barbershop circa 2008, the author and photographer found himself leafing through thick, Americana-obsessed tomes like Free & Easy, which captured his interest and imagination with nary a word of English.

“The first thing I thought was so interesting was that it wasn’t a fashion magazine,” Hranek says. “They were talking about real style, and real personal style … I didn’t even need to speak Japanese or read Japanese. I just thought that visually it was so well approached in a very minimal but thoughtful, environmental way, and I was really inspired by that.”

Hranek was soon making pilgrimages to Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore by Bryant Park, to delve deeper into the catalogue. He cities Japanese men’s magazines as an influence on his own publication, WM Brown

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Men’s Fashion Trends 2021: 11 Big Menswear Moves to Try Right Now

If you landed here after curiously googling “men’s fashion trends 2021,” we have an admission to make: it’s a weird time to be trend forecasting! Between the plodding pace of the vaccine rollout and the late January chill that’s set in, there still aren’t a whole lot of public forums for getting fits off, which makes it tricky to assess what people are actually wearing right now or what—if any—true-blue trends are forming and blossoming organically. So today, instead of any real era-defining capital-M Menswear Trends, we’re blessing you with an oddball assortment of things we’re really feeling at the moment. New stuff we want to wear, old stuff we’ve been wearing forever, weird stuff that brings us joy. It’s a lot less surefooted and cohesive than the list of men’s fashion trends we gave you last year, which makes sense: this is a much less surefooted and cohesive time,

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