Fashion Fan Shares ‘Genius’ Hack to Try on Clothes While Online Shopping

A fashion fan has come with a “genius” way to try on clothes virtually, which people reckon could change online shopping forever.

Buying anything off the internet is a risk, but now you can at least see how clothes look on before pressing the add to cart button.

Fashion start-up Merald shared a series of clips to its TikTok page, @meraldpopup, revealing they simply print off a photo of themselves, then cut out the item they want to try on.

Needless to say they’ve matched up the proportions to their laptop, so their 2D version can try on hundreds of styles as they scroll through various brand’s websites.

They test sweaters, pants, T-shirts and even trainers, with their most popular video amassing nearly 30 million views.

Merald showing their online shopping hack
Swiss start-up Merald simply cut out the clothing they want to model, including pants, T-shirts and even shoes.

“This is what I mean when I say online shopping,” Merald, from Switzerland wrote.

In a video captioned by Merald as “I don’t like shopping for pants you too?” they head to the men’s section of Zara and virtually try on a pair of pink and blue pants.

And for anyone looking to recreate the idea, they explained exactly how they did it.

“I printed off a photo of me, then cut out the T-shirt and then hold it onto your laptop, that’s it,” he told Newsweek.

The pair, aged 19 and 20, said they came up with the plan when thinking about fashion content for their brand.

Since their sweatshirt video blew up, they’ve experimented with different formats to test clothes.

Their latest virtual dressing room clip, shared in late April, shows the pair sticking their heads directly onto online models, allowing them to try on entire outfits.

Merald showing their online shopping hack
Fashion start up Merald have found a way to virtually try on clothes from the comfort of your own home.

“Level up your clothing game friends,” Merald joked, adding in another video, “I am the CEO of the dress up game.”

People reckon the pair are living in the future, as Glitteriponi thought: “He is already living in 2075.”

While Mia_Cos thought: “Okay but imagine clothing websites had a section where you could put in a photo of yourself and it renders the clothing on you.”

Robin She / Her raved: “This is so smart what.”

Agreeing, Cole commented: “This is literally so genius.”

While Jenn asked: “Ok but why have I never thought about doing this before.”

And pointing out why this set-up may look familiar to some, Shayne Marie said: “Cher from Clueless be like.”

In that film the teen, played by Alicia Silverstone, uses a computer to generate outfits on her body so she can pick out the perfect outfit.