Does this viral Tiktok beauty blender cleaning hack actually work?


I put my beloved beauty blender on the line so you don't have to.

Ashley Piszek/Unsplash

I place my beloved magnificence blender on the line so you do not have to.

Earlier this 7 days I was despatched a TikTok movie that claimed that we really should all be cleaning our natural beauty blenders with a mixture of hot drinking water, dish soap and olive oil.

It seemed powerful, finances friendly and actually, like it could be fully manufactured up. I had to look into for myself.

The to start with sign this movie was most likely designed for clout should is the voice-in excess of.

Instead of tutorial instructions, the movie is overlayed with 1 of those people clickbait-y story time voice-overs that has no correlation to what’s participating in on-display screen. In this scenario a fantastical tale of infidelity that cuts off before the large expose, assumedly to drive engagement with the account. I could dismiss that, but not how suspiciously clean the ultimate products was, almost as it was a fully new solution.

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Social media is rife with bogus elegance films proclaiming they will revolutionise your makeup regimen, and it is ideal to tactic them with a healthful dose of scepticism. But because I had all the ingredients on hand already – and my beauty blender was desperately in will need of a fantastic cleanse or changing (which you ought to do every single 3-6 months) – I figured there was no harm in seeking.

My preliminary unfiltered response was – eww, will not oil that oil get sucked up by the sponge, and then I’ll pat it straight into my (previously oily prone) skin?

But a colleague, who has a side hustle as a make-up artist, advised I check out the addition of oil much more like a double cleanse. In the similar way that your micellar drinking water bottle has a slim movie of oil on the prime, the lubricant right here acts as a dual phase cleaner with the oil aiding split down oil dependent make-up like mascara and basis.

So, armed with the know-how that there is possibly some scientific approach to the insanity, I ran the incredibly hot faucet and poured out a glug of olive oil (the inexpensive and cheerful ‘mild’ form, not EVOO – we’re in a cost of dwelling disaster soon after all) into a bowl, with a squirt of dishwashing liquid.

Prior to my eyes, the sponge sucked up my Do it yourself makeup remover and when I gave it a cursory prod with a chopstick, the liquid turned an opaque greyish product colour.

Long gone was the sudsy h2o and prior to me sat a bowl of resembled a prosperous bowl of Tonkotsu ramen, replete with oil sparkles on the top rated.

Soup or muck?


Soup or muck?

Needing a minute to get well from the horror in front of me, I left the attractiveness blender to sit in the soupy pool for 10 minutes though I arrived to phrases with my internal grub. When I returned 15 minutes later on and gave the sponge a massage and rinse, a large sum of orange liquid arrived out.

When I bought ill of rinsing, the bottom two thirds of the sponge experienced returned to a pale orange color, but the area close to the pointed suggestion remained far more subdued trouty tone.

A term of warning: consider treatment when you wring your splendor blender out. Unsurprisingly, a sponge left to soak in hot h2o will soak up all that scolding warm liquid and then propel it back into your palm when squeezed. Preferably wear washing gloves.

The beauty blender pre-washing, after the oil and dish soap round, and after a wash with facial cleanser.


The natural beauty blender pre-washing, soon after the oil and dish soap spherical, and immediately after a clean with facial cleanser.

So, does this hack perform? I suppose that is dependent on your definition of ‘work’.

Did the oily, soapy concoction do a pretty superior work at expelling a frankly atrocious total of gunk from my splendor blender? Sure.

Did it do a markedly much better position than simple hot h2o had performed in the past? Not to my eyes. It certainly didn’t glimpse totally box contemporary like the one in the viral TikTok video.

I didn’t, on the other hand, carry out my experiment in strict check conditions. I really do not clean up my tools nearly adequate, and perhaps if I had a much more common sanitation protocols in put there wouldn’t be so much amassed muck to crack down.

For the reason that I was not absolutely content with the consequence, I adopted up with a scrub utilizing the cleanser I have faith in to r
id gunk from my experience, and it made quick get the job done on the last places of caked in basis. Heading forward I’ll go straight to this phase.

Purchase it new:

I put the blender in the incredibly hot drinking water cabinet overnight to dry out (in the summertime months, I would pop it on a sunny windowsill) and the upcoming morning it was wholly dry to the touch and significantly softer and bouncier than I can keep in mind it staying.

The remaining verdict: certainly, in a pinch, oil and dish cleaning soap will do an alright task of finding rid of the worst of your mucky elegance blender, but using your common cleanser does a extra effective job. Help you save the oil for dressings.


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