Beauty Crush: Ceramiracle Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate

Beauty Crush: Ceramiracle Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate


You know how some people say, don’t eat  chocolate because it’s bad for your skin. Well, you can tell those people to keep it moving because that’s not the case with Ceramiracle Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate—this sweet treat was created specifically for your glow up!


And the no-chocolate for good skin rhetoric is only partially true, because it’s really sugar that can cause your skin to go downhill. But… Ceramiracle is 100% suger-free and is 70% organic Dark Chocolate and it tastes SO GOOD! The flavor is kinda like the perfect balance between milk chocolate and dark chocolate—not too bitter and not too sweet; just right.

I’ve been putting these Vegan-friendly, antioxidant-rich treats to the test and I have no complaints. Skin care and wellness are a huge part of my personal and blogging platforms, so I was eager to test this product in exchange for a review.  


I’m a little under halfway through my first batch. I had a minor breakout along my chin line (due to excessive travel for work and a lack of giving my skin its necessary TLC) and paired with my current skin care regimen, I saw the blemishes disappear in less than a week’s time.

I’m also being more conscious about cutting sugar, so this is a great way to get the satisfaction of a little sweet snack minus the guilt. My fiance even asked if he could have some of the chocolate! LOL 


I can definitely see myself incorporating Ceramiracle Beauty Chocolate into my routine on a regular basis. 

Would you try a sweet treat like Ceramiracle Beauty Chocolate to help with your glow up?

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