Woolworths and Big W ditching all plastic shopping bags: ‘Gone for good’

Woolworths has today declared a big move in favour of sustainability, turning into the to start with nationwide supermarket to pledge to get rid of all plastic procuring bags.

The retail large said it will prevent selling its 15 cent reusable plastic browsing bags nationwide, with the phase-out established to be entire by June 2023.

Large W stores are also set to apply the modify, saying that they will also stage out their 15 cent and 45 cent reusable plastic luggage from stores by June up coming year.

Woolworths and Major W will assist consumers prepare for the upcoming change, with reminders via e mail, advertising and symptoms in retailer. Resource: Woolworths

West Australian stores have currently begun the period-out in reaction to community plastic laws during the point out. South Australian and Northern Territory retailers are established to be the next to take away plastic bags, with other states

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Why Size Inclusion Isn’t Always A Good Thing – virtue + vice

When it comes to standardized sizing and size inclusivity in the fashion industry, most consumers agree brands should offer a wide spectrum of sizing options so that people of all shapes and sizes can feel included.

This post was inspired by a conversation I was having with my LMCL students in office hours. Currently, I have quite a few tall ladies making brands to serve tall-girl needs, because there is literally nothing out there for them.

Now, a few people in the class thought this was odd, because aren’t clothes made for super tall and skinny runway models? How could it be that be they can’t find anything that fits?

That lead us into a 2-hour discussion on body types, fashion, and financials, and what inspired me to write this…


Thanks to cancel culture, many influencers and internet mobs have canceled a host of

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Can People with Diabetes Eat Raisins? Nutrition and Glycemic Index

No matter whether you consume them by itself, in a salad, or sprinkled above oatmeal, raisins are delicious and a nutritious way to fulfill your sweet tooth.

But, you may ponder whether or not it is Alright to consume raisins, also recognised as dried grapes, if you have diabetic issues.

There are numerous misconceptions about what individuals with diabetic issues can and are not able to take in. And one false impression is that foodstuff made up of sugar — including fruit — are completely off limitations.

But the reality is, men and women residing with diabetes can have raisins and lots of other fruits.

In simple fact, fruits are a fantastic decision for the reason that they consist of a good deal of:

Persons dwelling with diabetes — or everyone for that make any difference, need to take in a well balanced eating plan, which involves wholesome parts of

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Not All Men: The Movie – Jessie Buckley is the only good thing in Alex Garland’s new horror

Men Two stars In cinemas; Cert 16

hat, exactly, are we supposed to take from Men? It’s the only question worth asking after a viewing of this deeply disappointing horror from writer and director Alex Garland.

Well, maybe not the only question. I’d also like to know why it’s so bloody terrible.

Garland is no hack. An esteemed novelist and filmmaker, the 52-year-old Londoner has been churning out menacing, psychological thrills since the late 1990s. He found fame first as author of everyone’s favourite gen-x holiday read, The Beach, and later as Danny Boyle’s go-to movie scribe for all things sinister.

With 28 Days Later (a classic), they made zombies cool again. In Sunshine (flawed yet fascinating), they sent Cillian Murphy into outer space. But it wasn’t until Garland’s 2014 venture, Ex Machina – a magnificently assembled sci-fi parable, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander

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