11 Undergarments Every Lingerie Capsule Should Have

Ever since I was young, I’ve had an affinity for shopping. I’m a part of that generation that grew up aimlessly wandering about the marble corridors of the local mall on the weekends and after school. I can still smell Abercombie & Fitch, I can recall the joy of finding a designer bag in Macy’s, and I can admittedly remember the excitement of wandering into Victoria’s Secret. The last activity was probably the most exciting prospect for my pubescent self because lingerie has always been something I thoroughly enjoy. I know some people adamantly hate bra shopping, loathe holiday-themed lingerie sets, and cannot stand shapewear, but I’m not one of those people. I’ve been a long-standing fan of shopping at annual lingerie sales, I had multiple lingerie subscriptions, and I always will find another excuse to buy a silk slip dress. So it’s no

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Common fashion mistakes men constantly make Eve woman

 Fashion mistakes you should learn from (Photo: Courtesy)

In the past, when we look at style and fashion, the focus was on women’s wear. It was a topic that women were drawn to more as compared to men but these days, men are also stepping up their game.

There is a realization that you should care about how you present yourself and now, there are more discussions about how to have great style as a guy.

But with all that said and done, it’s common to see some fashion atrocities that guys make every day. Good thing is, you can always learn about the style mistakes you should avoid for you to look good and feel confident. Here are some:

For some guys, the best effort when it comes to style is putting on an old pair of jeans and a washed-out t-shirt. They might have a couple of suits

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A Look at Emma Chamberlain’s Best Fashion Moments Over the Years

Emma Chamberlain, one of the biggest social media stars of this generation, turns 21 today.

Not only has she climbed the ranks on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more, she has also emerged as a fashion icon in her own right.

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In recent years, Chamberlain has worked very closely with Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s creative director for the women’s collections, attending the label’s shows in Paris frequently as an ambassador.

With the help of her stylist Jared Ellner, Chamberlain has taken on some of the most exclusive events of the year, such as the Met Gala and the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, wearing designs by Louis Vuitton and more.

“​​She has unbelievable style. She’s truly a dream client and person to work with because she has such a good sense of her own style and a good eye that it makes working

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Love Island dumps fast fashion in favour of secondhand wardrobes

Hit reality dating show Love Island has announced it is coupling up with global resale site eBay to dress contestants entering the villa for the upcoming eighth season.

It was widely assumed that this season, which will air on Neon, would see islanders in a host of fast fashion, as they have previously, but the often criticised show is making a move away from such lucrative deals in an effort to ditch its throwaway fashion image.

Love island has enjoyed a cosy relationship with fast fashion brands in the past.


Love island has enjoyed a cosy relationship with fast fashion brands in the past.

While contestants will still be allowed to wear their own clothes (the most sustainable outfit choice is one you already own), they’ll be encouraged to also pull pre-loved looks from an eBay wardrobe at the new Love Island villa.

Announcing the partnership, Love Island executive producer Mike Spencer said the change reflects a desire, “to be a more eco-friendly

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