Hate NJ bag ban? We used to hate shopping carts too

I fell upon a quirky article that I just had to share with you. Something I never knew and find interesting given the change New Jersey just went through.

Days ago the way we shop forever changed. On May 4 grocery stores were no longer legally allowed to put the things you buy in plastic or even paper bags. You now have to bring your own reusable ones. Other stores are also in violation of the new law if they dare hand you a single-use plastic bag. But paper is OK if it isn’t a grocery store.

Shoppers are still trying to get used to this. I’ve talked to some grocery store workers who say the complaining isn’t as bad as they thought it would be and others who say they’ve been the target of some really nasty choice words.

I’ve already seen frustrated shoppers throw their hands up inside

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Three ways to improve the digital customer experience

While shoppers are returning to high street stores and shopping malls, businesses across Australia must not forget – or overlook – the critical role of digital in this new age of retail.

Today, the busiest showroom for every brand is their website – and it’s a huge revenue opportunity. Australia Post found more than 80 per cent of Australian households bought something online in 2021 as part of a $62 billion national spending binge. This number is growing too, and is expected to double over the next five years.

As retailers rapidly scale digital storefronts and services, delivering positive and consistent brand experiences across channels is key. Consumers have never had more choice than they do today, whilst at the same time, it’s never been easier for them to switch between brands when their needs are not met. For example, Qualtrics research found more than half (54%) of consumers in

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Flip Social Beauty App Raises $28 Million Series A

Flip is taking a TikTok approach to selling beauty products. The social media ecommerce platform lets users buy and post reviews of lipstick, hair gel and other beauty products.

Its secret weapon — like all social media — are the influencers that make the 60-second videos populating the app. The users get paid by Flip based on engagement, so they don’t have to rely on the brands to hawk their goods.

Flip CEO Nooruldeen “Noor” Agha said his goal is to be the first “honest” ecommerce platform, where reviews are controlled by consumers rather than brands.

Flip just raised $28 million in Series A funding, which will go toward expanding its user base and making more brand deals, the company announced Monday. The round was led by Streamlined Ventures and included Mubadala Capital Ventures and BDMI.

Launched in 2019, the platform combines aspects of typical social media platforms — like

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Milan Men’s Fashion Week Sees Brands Switch Back From Coed Format

MILAN Prominent returns and several debuts will mark the upcoming Milan Men’s Fashion Week, slated to run from June 17 to 21. But don’t expect Zegna to kick off the week with its usual Friday slot. This season the brand is actually wrapping up the physical events on June 20, opting to stage its runway show at 7 p.m. at the Oasi Zegna reserve in Trivero, a two-hour ride from Milan.

“It will be the occasion to experience a special place, which embodies the values of the brand but also of Italy and sustainability: that link between man and nature that we have to push forward,” said Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera della Moda on Wednesday, unveiling the official calendar.

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Giorgio Armani will hold two shows that same morning, followed by a Gucci presentation. This is another unexpected move since the Florence-based brand

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