This Feature Makes Amazon Alexa Your Best Shopping Companion

Technology helps us while we’re doing several mundane tasks, and shopping is one of them. You can use Amazon Alexa as a shopping list, and the company just added a feature to make the voice assistant your best shopping companion. Alexa can now show you the best cashback deals to help you save money.

Google is working on a new feature that will show you the best credit card rewards while you’re shopping. This is along with trying to create a full-fledged digital wallet. It shows that tech companies are looking for ways to make the shopping experience better.

Alexa will show you cashback deals at different stores

If you use Amazon’s Alexa, you should know that the Alexa app is the central hub for the assistant. You can use it to change settings and access features to get the most out of the service. The company wants you to

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Artisanal Perfumes | Canadian Beauty

TextI hear so much from people who say that perfume doesn’t work for them. They’re not against it, but there’s nothing that speaks to them at their regular shopping outlets – either it all smells the same (the truth is a lot of it does), or it gives them a headache (my mom complains of this too!). Sometimes it’s arranged in such a gendered, binary way that even shopping for a perfume is a turn off. Sometimes, it’s that the sales associates just point you towards the best-sellers no matter what you’re looking for.

If that sounds like something you’ve encountered, this year (and always), try turning to something different. These are three “artisinal” perfumes in my collection – artisinal just means that they’re made by hand, usually by the perfumer who conceived them.

There are tons of options out there, but I’ve got Buen Camino by Chronotope Perfume,

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Aspiration Acquires Carbon Insights to Track Carbon Use

L.A. fintech firm Aspiration, which offers an eco-friendly digital spin on consumer banking, has purchased Carbon Insights, a Denver-based startup that uses APIs to help financial institutions track carbon footprints.

The acquisition is Marina del Rey-based Aspiration’s first-ever since it launched in 2015. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. As part of the acquisition, Carbon Insights co-founders Chad Hunter and Ally Kadel have joined Aspiration.

Aspiration will deploy Carbon Insights’ technology to enhance its scoring system for tracking the sustainability impact of its customers’ spending habits, Aspiration co-founder and CEO Andrei Cherny told dot.LA. Carbon Insights relies on a combination of business attributes and operational data—like energy consumption and corporate expenditures—to estimate a company’s carbon footprint, Cherny explained.

Aspiration co-founder and CEO Andrei Cherny

The technology will allow Aspiration to better provide “a sustainability score for our customers based on where they are shopping and spending,” Cherny explained.

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Kilts for Men? The Newest (Yet Oldest) Fashion Trend We’re Obsessing Over

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You may have noticed that kilts for men are making a major comeback in 2022.

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As an iconic Scottish menswear staple since the 16th century, the kilt is a (most-of-the-time) plaid, skirt-like garment that embodies both heritage and tradition. It’s synonymous with most Scottish and Gaelic cultures and can be seen draping men and boys at events like weddings, christenings and at parades alongside bagpipes.

This regional fashion statement is enjoying an unexpected resurgence here in the 21st century. To better understand the kilts for men trend, we spoke with Howie Nicholsby, a Scottish kilt designer and the creator and director of 21st Century Kilts.

Nicholsby has designed kilts for A-list stars and everyday folks alike, and he had some great insight into how to

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