Alexa Shopping List Savings is a new coupon feature for Amazon’s voice assistant

While you may buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, most people don’t do their weekly grocery shopping with the retail giant (unless Whole Foods is your local store). Amazon is therefore missing a big chunk of your shopping habits, and now, it’s offering an incentive for you to hand over that data: grocery coupons.

Alexa Shopping List Savings, which launched this month, is a new feature for the digital assistant that lets you clip coupons in the Alexa app for items you’ve added to your shopping list. The savings are added up, and the cashback is put on your digital Amazon gift card within a few days. The US-only service is now available to all customers and works exclusively with the Alexa app’s pre-installed shopping list.

How the coupons appear in the Alexa shopping list.
Screenshot Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Items can be added to the

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Men’s Jewelry Has a Fashion Moment

In all cultures, men have worn jewelry for centuries. In fact, in the past, jewelry for kings was more ornate than that for queens.

With the passage of time and generation, there was a time when jeweler was almost entirely reserved for women and men had a limited selection. Since then, we’ve come a long way. To begin with, we no longer desire or accept stereotyped classifications in the same way that we once did. Gender focus in jewelry, like many other aspects of the fashion industry and beyond, is less important than it once was.

It’s the 21st century and men now relish expressing themselves while breaking one stereotype at a time. The truth is that whether you are a man or a woman if you can feel that you are looking good, your confidence significantly boosts.

Here’s a list of the latest trends and designs:

Tie Pins: Be

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The Latest TikTok Fashion Trends Of May 2022

Other than being the breeding ground for viral dances and songs, the newest hobbies and lifestyle trends, TikTok has really taken the stage as the people’s runway for fashion inspiration and even innovation.

Innovation because there are thousands of fashion TikTokers who are finding creative ways to wear the same oversized white shirt, or how wear a scarf as a multi-way accessory. It is even the best way to kick off your clothing resale side-gig.

And even though Euphoria and Bridgerton have heavily influenced pop culture fashion, the looks became accessible through TikTok. As of May 2022, here are the top 10 spring fashion TikTik trends that are sure to hold their weight going into summer.


10 Two-Pieces

Two-piece sets have been trending for a long-time, but with the recent TikTok trends, if you don’t have one yet you are late to the party.


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Analysis: Fashion Industry Efforts to Verify Sustainability Make ‘Greenwashing’ Easier

Environmental certification programs that claim to verify the sustainability of fashion brands actually facilitate “greenwashing” for the apparel industry, according to a recent report by environmental advocacy organization Changing Markets Foundation. 

The organization, which was founded in 2015 and is based in the Netherlands, seeks to drive change toward a more sustainable economy by exposing what it feels are irresponsible corporate practices. Its analysis of voluntary efforts designed  to reduce fashion’s growing environmental footprint found the programs led to increased pollution instead, and are helping to cement the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“Waste increases, utilization of clothes decreases, and reliance on fossil fuels increases,” said George Harding-Rolls, a campaign manager at Changing Markets and lead author of the report. “Yet, these schemes continue to exist and say that sustainable fashion is just around the corner. This is actually preventing us from taking the more systemic action that we need,

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