Louis Vuitton “Daybreak” Men’s Pre-Fall 2022 Residency

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its new men’s Pre-Fall 2022 residency in Soho that highlights the final capsule from the late creative director, Virgil Abloh.

Even though the loss of Virgil Abloh is still felt around the world, the fashion world is still remembering, honoring and paying tribute to the visionary creative. His work lives on and the latest iteration of his storytelling prowess is present in Louis Vuitton’s newest temporary residency in Soho for the men’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection. Titled “Daybreak,” the latest capsule is Abloh’s final capsule for the French heritage house. Featuring gradient walls in shades of teal, jade green and pollen, the walls and floor of the space are finished off with yellow Louis Vuitton initials.

“My philosophy is very much informed by the clothes that people actually wear. What I do is an analysis of a generation: what do people buy and why do they wear

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Spring Fashion Trends | Her Campus

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Spring is upon us. And, I couldn’t be happier as we exchange our heavy coats, sweaters, turtlenecks, and heeled boots with floral prints, dresses, pastel cardigans, and skirts! Despite April’s rainy windows surrounding wet pavements, the season is on the precipice of change. So, in honor of this shift and what feels like an anticlimactic change in seasons, we must celebrate with style and new fashion trends for the spring of 2022!

Setting the record straight, I am not a fashion mogul or soon-to-be fashion designer (I wish!). You’ll usually see me wearing the same white sneakers and jacket, power walking around campus. But believe me, I know trends when I see them, and here are my initial predictions for fashion trends this spring. Plus, if any of these trends don’t

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A 24-hour guide to the world’s largest dance music festival

A moment-to-moment guide to Amsterdam Dance Event—navigating raves, panels with Juliana Huxtable, and psychoactive ‘space cake.’

What is the purpose of nightlife, that thing you seek when you get dressed up, stay out too late, and choose a particular scene and experience? “It is a form of utopia,” said artist, DJ, writer, and performer Juliana Huxtable last month during Amsterdam Dance Event—where she was speaking on a panel organized by DVS1 as part of the techno producer’s Support Organize Sustain initiative—describing what she calls “the beauty and the joy of nightlife.”

If your idea of utopia is 2,500 artists, 600 speakers, and some 400,000 fans congregating in 140 venues over five non-stop days Amsterdam, ADE fits the bill. In the simplest terms, it is massive; statistically, it is the largest electronic music festival in the world. In many ways it is the ultimate electronic music festival, and in others it’s

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