Must-Have Sephora Products I Swear By

My Favorite Must-Have Sephora Products

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Today, because it’s that time of the year again–(every fall and spring!) I’m re-circulating my ‘Sephora favorites’ post as the Sephora sale is open to everyone today!

If you find yourself in need of some new beauty recommendations and you’d like to take advantage of the discount, I hope this is a helpful place to start. (Remember, you can also come back to this list anytime by searching “Sephora” using the search bar at the top of my blog!)

As you likely know by now, I am a big Sephora lover, and there are TONS of must-have products that I’ve tried and loved. But I know shopping for beauty products can get overwhelming pretty quickly. So to make things easy, I’m rounding up on my TIP TOP favorites below. (Also,

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We’re Still Thinking About the 10 Best-Dressed Men From the Oscars 2022 (Photos)

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The guys came in HOT last night at the 94th Academy Awards and we’re more than proud of our boys. Almost 24 hours later, we’re still thinking about the best-dressed men of the Oscars 2022. On Sunday, March 27, we saw stars like Daniel Kaluuya and Andrew Garfield bring some color to traditional men’s formal wear, but we also saw more daring looks from young stars like Timothée Chalamet.

Today’s Top Deals

Typically, men’s fashion isn’t the most exciting when it comes to award ceremonies. Sure, we’ve seen some iconic looks by the likes of Lil Nas X, Harry Styles and Billy Porter in recent history, but that’s exactly the point. That’s recent history.

Ten years ago, men were walking the red carpet clad in black tuxedos simply

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Real Fashion For the Era of Fake Trends



Lately I wonder if we’re living through a mass psychosis expressing itself through trend reporting. If it felt a year ago like anything goes—that the restrictions and trauma of the pandemic highlighted fashion and self-expression as a new outlet for freedom—increasingly it seems that there are a thousand trends happening at once. In just the past month, I have read stories about a new twist on the girlboss trend called “that girl,” a trend in which women really enjoy themselves, and a trend in which women enjoy themselves a little, plus “dinocore,” “clowncore,” and “twee.”

On TikTok, trend forecasting has become the new influencer hustle, almost a trend itself; creators who can string together photographic evidence with a pithy and compelling monologue are performing a kind of competitive prophecy. And the platform’s algorithm seems to favor this sort of information sharing: the more ridiculous

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Taipei Fashion Week FW 2022: Designers Envision The Future Of Fashion | News

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Now in its 5th year, Taipei Fashion Week is proud to have concluded the Autumn/Winter 2022 season with the fashion shows of 10 promising designers.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Taipei Fashion Week was a collaboration across government and the fashion industry that showcased 5 objectives: functionality, sustainability, transboundary, diversity and humanities.

The designers each brought their unique interpretations to the objectives while highlighting current themes in the cultural landscape, including the coexistence of fashion and the virtual world, sustainability and the artful craft of design.

Fashions Future

In a cross-generational combination of virtual experiences, digital consumption, NFTs and Taipei nightlife, #DAMUR offered bold street styles with oversized fits and cutouts. Claudia Wang diversified into the digital world with NFTs, too, with a collection described as a fantasy fairyland that blended retro classics and avant-garde design through sportswear styles

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