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mattress singapore price guide 2018

Most people don’t give much thought to the costs involved in buying a mattress in Singapore. After all, how often do we actually need to buy new ones? Not very often at all, but for 20-somethings who are preparing for their new homes, a mattress is actually a pretty big-ticket purchase that many people forget to budget for. Take me as an example: I used to think that mattresses were a $100 affair but boy, was I in for a rude awakening. Those branded mattresses I saw at mega stores actually go for 10 to 20 times that price, all with the promise of a good night’s rest. Which begs the question: How much do mattresses in Singapore cost and where can you get the best deals for them?


  1. Should you buy a cheap mattress?
  2. What’s a “bed in a
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Revolutionary Retail: Women Transforming Retail

Our panelists dive into the biggest challenges and opportunities women in retail are currently facing and what that means for the future of retail.

Anne Mezzenga, Co-CEO of Omni Talk Retail, Women in Tech Podcast
Cathy Hotka, Principal – Cathy Hotka & Associates, LLC, Connecting Retail Insiders
Marie Albiges, Senior Editor at Women in Retail Leadership Circle, Spotlight PA

Moderated by: Libby Saylor Wright, COO, US Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft



Libby Saylor Wright:

Okay. Thank you. Thank you everyone for joining. I’m Libby Saylor Wright, the Chief Operating Officer of US Retail & Consumer Goods for Microsoft. We are excited to have a panel of transformative women in retail. Shortly, I will let them introduce themselves to you. Over the last few years, changes in consumer behavior and advances in retail technology solutions have drastically changed the way retailers do business. With more options than ever before,

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10 Fashion Trends From The ’80s That Are Going Strong

People hate on the ’80s but without them, there would be no bright colors, puffy sleeves, oversized clothes and much more.

Some people hate trends from the ’80s, but this is neglecting all of the amazing fashion trends that stem from this era. If you love rocking your two-piece spandex outfit to the gym, thank the ’80s. If you love bodysuits, oversized blazers, the pearl trend and clothes made from textures like satin, sequins and pleather, thank the ’80s.

While the ’70s saw the introduction of groovy patterns and bohemian clothes, the ’80s stepped up its game with fashionable office wear like oversized blazers and more clothing options for women that didn’t include dresses or skirts.

There is a lot to be thankful for in terms of ’80s fashion, here are 10 trends that are still going strong that stem from this glorious era of fashion.

10 Oversized Blazers


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Fashion exhibit continues through April 26 | Arts

Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation is hosting an exhibit titled “The Twenties: Virginian Women’s Fashion After the Great War” at the Alexander Black House main galleries. The exhibit opened in March and continues through April 26.

Flappers, bathtub gin and the Charleston: Women of the “Roaring 20s” were removing their corsets, raising their hemlines, bobbing their hair and fighting for their freedoms and the right to vote. The arrival of the Jazz Age in America, the rise of filmmaking and Hollywood’s growing influence, along with an increase in fashion marketing, were re-shaping women’s roles and styles.

The social impact of the aftermath of the first world war included reducing the confines of the class system abroad and in the U.S., while a general feeling of novelty associated with modernity and a break with tradition swept across the country. Cultural shifts were brought about by technology such as the mass-produced automobile,

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