What is Nike Base Rise Store in Glorietta?

FOR 21 years, Nike has called Glorietta home.

Their retail store in the mall, located at the heart of the Makati business district, was one of the sports giant’s first-ever branches in the Philippines.

So when it came for the Swoosh to do a retail revamp, this particular location was high on their list.

In the works for the past three years, this 823-square meter store (its biggest yet) officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday, October 21.

The huge LCD wall in the facade is only the beginning of surprise.

Nike Brand Rise at Glorietta.

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So, here’s what to expect, without spoiling all the fun!

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Nike’s largest retail store yet is designed especially for its “HER” (women) and “KIDS” categories. It also has a renewed focus on utilizing store setup to promote fitness.

Upon entry, a big women’s section welcomes shoppers, with

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Russia says it hit Kyiv shopping centre because it was storing rockets


LONDON (Reuters) -Russia said on Monday it had struck a Kyiv shopping centre with high-precision long-range weapons because it was being used as a rocket store and reloading station by Ukrainian forces.

The Kyiv shopping centre was attacked late on Sunday, killing at least eight people, wrecking nearby buildings and leaving smoking piles of rubble and the twisted wreckage of burned-out cars spread over several hundred metres.

“The areas near the shopping centre were used as a large base for storing rocket munitions and for reloading multiple rocket launchers,” Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told reporters.

“High-precision long-range weapons on the night of March 21 destroyed a battery of Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers and a store of ammunition in a non-functioning shopping center,” he said.

Konashenkov showed video which he said showed that Ukraine had been using the shopping centre as a weapons store and reloading station.

Russia’s invasion

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Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2022


Willy Chavarria presented the fall offering of his namesake label on Friday evening at the historic Prince George Ballroom in New York City, once again off the traditional NYFW schedule. Apart from the cult following Chavarria has amassed over his career, the brand has also become synonymous with social empowerment, visibility and inclusivity, especially for those of the Latine and LGBTQ communities that Chavarria always celebrates.

This latest showing took cues from his spring collection, which infused couture-like shapes and silhouettes into his traditional street- and workwear-driven aesthetic. But the fall lineup was the most elevated collection Chavarria has presented to date.

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The collection touched on the raw versions of all aspects of Latino culture, with a strong emphasis on the political conflicts that come with land appropriation, a conflict that has been part of the Latino struggle spanning across the Americas (North, Central and South).

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D.C.’s spring 2022 fashion trends


👋🏾 Paige here to talk about one of my favorite things: clothing.

The big picture: The fashion world is calling for bold, maximalist styles this spring, as we awaken from our pandemic-induced sweatpants slumber.

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A note from the experts: Brian Merritt, founding partner and retail director at Manifest, says he expects to see a continued emphasis on urban streetwear this season. “DC is such an important market when it comes to fashion because of the people that come in and out.”

Anifa Mvuemba is the founder of innovative fashion brand Hanifa (worn by A-list stars including Beyoncé). The Maryland-based designer drew major attention for her innovative 3D fashion show in 2020.“This spring we’re embracing new shapes, unique style lines, and bold gradient colors,” she says.

Some of the top trends this

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