7 tricks for expert searches

There is no doubt that Google is the most-used search engine on the planet. With more than 90% market share, it handles about 3.8 million searches a minute. In the U.S. alone, more than 250 million unique searches are performed daily.

With web indexing becoming more sophisticated, it is easier than ever to find the information you are looking for. But sometimes, finding something particular can be difficult and even frustrating. Tap or click here to delete your Google account for good (without losing your emails).

Just typing your question into Google and hitting search will produce results. But there are some tricks and commands that you can use that will make the results more refined. Let’s take a look at some options.

How to Google like a pro

Using Google’s advanced search operators, you can search more thoroughly than simply using quotation marks in a query. If you didn’t

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At least eight killed as Kyiv shopping centre wrecked by shelling

KYIV, March 21 (Reuters) – Shelling hit a Kyiv shopping centre late on Sunday, killing at least eight people, wrecking nearby buildings and leaving smoking piles of rubble and the twisted wreckage of burned-out cars spread over several hundred metres.

As day broke on Monday, firefighters were putting out small blazes around the smouldering carcass of a building in the shopping centre car park in the Podil district of the city and looking for possible survivors.

The force of the explosion obliterated one structure in the shopping centre car park and gutted an adjacent 10-storey building, shattering windows in the surrounding residential tower blocks.

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Six bodies were lain out on the pavement as emergency services combed through the wreckage to the sound of distant artillery fire. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General said at least eight people had been killed.

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman

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ranking best tournament runs in Badger history · The Badger Herald

March Madness is an emotional rollercoaster for your average college sports fan. Before the battle, it is important to recognize that winning a game in March is no easy feat.

Therefore, making a run requires a lot of things to go right. Many fans saw this season’s Wisconsin Badgers as prime to make a push in the National Invitation Tournament. Going from underdogs to Big Ten regular champs in a matter of months made headlines. This raised fan optimism to levels that outpaced the development of our young squad.

What followed was back-to-back heartbreakers, losing the first game of the Big Ten Tournament to Michigan State then a second-round exit via 11th seed Iowa State. We as fans need to recognize something here — the teams that make the tournament all have talent, but the difference between winning and losing is whether your squad has the experience and chemistry

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The Best Fashion Trends to Wear for Spring 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Spring Fashion Trends by Zodiac Sign

Spring Fashion Trends by Zodiac Sign

Getty Images/InStyle

So many trends, so little time to wear them all — especially if we’re talking about spring, which is clearly packed with cute, must-have styles, all of which seem to be calling our name. However, if you’re kind of stumped about where to start, the stars can help you decide which pieces you should rock this season.

Ahead, we’re breaking it all down by zodiac sign, aligning every Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, and more with a look that speaks to that their innate personality traits. The result? An ensemble that will help you exude confidence on a spiritual, soulful, and stylish level. Now, you can have a powerful, cosmic connection to your clothes, instead of simply throwing on something that you feeling kind of meh about.

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